The Australian Raitts

As yet I have not really looked into various Raitt families in Australia, despite the fact that three of my cousins (children of one of my father's sisters, Alice Raitt, who married Peter McAneny) emigrated there many years ago and their children and grandchildren were either born or grew up there. This is something that I will get around to doing - but I can, in the meantime, draw attention to a couple of Raitts in Australia who are currently buried in other pages on this site.

On the Lyttelton Raitts page, the mysterious Hallaine Raitt is discussed. Ostensibly the daughter of James Raitt and Helen MacDonald who emigrated to New Zealand from Arbroath in 1874, she moved with her husband William Luff to Queensland, Australia about 1910.

Then on the Raitt Anecdotes page there is quite a long piece about James Rait born in 1808, possibly in Edinburgh, where he was convicted of house-breaking by the Edinburgh Court of Justiciary on 19 July 1837. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison - not in the Edinburgh city jail, but instead the penal colony on Van Diemen’s Land (or Tasmania as it is known today).