Alexander Raitt's Clock

As outlined on the Maine Raitts page, Alexander Raitt, ship builder, settled in Kittery, Maine and was employed by William Pepperell - who lived in the oldest house in Maine, built in 1682.

Apparently, Alexander brought with him from Scotland on his initial voyage arriving in his own ship in 1745, a lovely bracket table clock with pull repeat made by Henry Jones of London, c1670. This was most likely a gift for his new bride - Miriam Frost when they married in October 1747 (though that begs the question whether he had met or knew of Miriam before he came!). After their marriage they lived in a house in Eliot built in 1740 and still standing in 1941. The clock passed down father to son and was continuously in the Raitt family until the present generation (around 1941) when it became the property of an unmarried daughter of a brother to Clementine Raitt, great granddaughter of Alexander. The clock was acquired in 1939 by Elizabeth Mehitable Bartlett (eldest daughter of Clementine) who presented it to her brother Ralph Sylvester. It seems to have passed at some point to Joseph Pepperell.

The clock was put up for auction in October 2022 in Goffstown, New Hampshire (with provenance in form of a typed letter from Ralph Sylvester Bartlett dated 2 September 1941) and was subsequently bought by a Dutch clock restorer living in England. With the help from a friend, this gentleman has pieced together the story of the clock as described above and has kindly given permission for the information and images to be used here.