Bovina Raitts tree

This tree gives the descendants of Thomas Raitt of Glen Isla, Angus, Scotland, whose family emigrated to the United States in 1817 and resided, as farmers, in the small, newly-established town of Bovina in Delaware County, New York. Subsequent generations journeyed to Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nevada and California and a few places in between. But they are all gathered here for convenience. There are some gaps - dates and places of births, marriages and deaths are not always known, nor are the names of female spouses. As noted on the Bovina Raitts page, I have concentrated on the male Raitts, rather than the females - although I have given their spouses where I have found them, though not their children as they will, of course, not bear the name Raitt. Several members of the family did not marry - this is evident from the census information contained on the Bovina Raitt page. I will, naturally, add further information when I am apprised of it.