Rait Castle photos

There have been many photographs of Rait castle taken over the years, especially by members of the Preserve Rait Castle and Raitt Family Genealogy groups on FaceBook. I thought it might be useful to try and pull all these together on this website for convenience and also to complement all the material I have added on the Rait Castle history, architecture and owners. Since there is not much of Rait Castle still standing, then many of the pictures are of similar views - but it is still interesting to observe the castle in different lights, perspectives, seasons and at different times of day and year. There may be a few duplicate photographs and I shall endeavour to weed these out.

I have sought permission from many of the photographers to post their pictures on this website and the names of these copyright holders are listed below. Like the photos themselves, they are in no particular order. If, however, I have omitted to credit someone, then please let me know and I will correct the oversight.

Bob Waller, Caroline Harbourne, Kenny Macleod, Kimmiee MacGillivray, Michelle Livingston Anderson, Andrew Raitt, Robert Holder, Alastair Cunningham, Sunshine Howells, Dallas Martin, Mairi Noble, Patricia Hovey, Gary Brindle, Paul Keith Lang, Karl Normington, Theresa MacGillivray, Nairnbairn, Eleanor & Clyde Moore, James Bone, Joanna Williams, Mashy Young, Troy Witt, Stephen Smerdon, David Daniel McAllister, Morag Macleod, Robert Gray, Martin Carran, Richard Raitt, Jamie Walker, Alastair Rait, Jocelyne Raitt, Rohanne Mcgrorty, Alistair Adam, Curt Roesser

There are also a couple of videos which nicely perambulate the castle: Rait The final cut (Victor Cameron) and A sunny afternoon at Rait Castle (Gurnnurn). The BBC News also had a page on Rait - Haunted castle: The ruin with a colourful past. And there is also Black Panther's walk: Rait Castle: forgotten ruins.