Rate in early censuses

As noted on the page introducing Raitt name variations in early US censuses, this page will cover the main name of Rate. There do not appear to be any variations.


Kittery, York, Maine

Miriam Rate, 61 (and family)

Cap. Wm Rate, 61 (and family)

Frederick, Maryland

Alexander Rate, 16+ (and family)

James Rate, 16+ (and family)

Plainfield, Northampton, Pennsylvania

Michel Rate, 16+ (and family)


District 1, Frederick, Maryland

James Rate, 45+

Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania

John Rate


Manchester, York, Pennsylvania

Henry Rate

John Rate


Loyalsock, Lycoming, Pennsylvania

Daniel Rate, 45+

William Rate, 26+

West Buffalo, Northumberland, Pennsylvania

George Rate, 45+


Election District 8, Frederick, Maryland

Hannse Rate, 45+ (f) (and family)

Frederick, Frederick, Maryland

Susanna Rate, 45+ (and family)

Taghkanic, Columbia, New York

Frederick Rate, 26+ (and family)

Bovina, Delaware, New York

John Rate, 26+ (and family)

Loyalsock, Lycoming, Pennsylvania

Daniel Rate, 45+

Daniel Rate Junior, 26+ (and family)

William Rate, 26+ (and family)


5th Principal Meridian, Missouri

Yat Rate


District 2, York, Maine

Mrs Basheba Rate, 30+

Wayne County, Michigan

Ebenezer Rate, 40+ (and family)

Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina

David A. Rate, 50+ (and family)

Salem, Columbiana, Ohio

Henry Rate, 30+ (and family)

Huron, Huron, Ohio

Abm Rate, 20+ (and family)

Hepburn, Lycoming, Pennsylvania

Daniel Rate, 30+ (and family)

William Rate, 40+ (and family)

Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania

John Rate, 30+ (and family)


Crawford County, Arkansas

William Rate


Breckinridge, Kentucky

John Rate, 40+ (and family)

Owen Rate, 20+ (and family)

Wayne County, Michigan

Ebenezer Rate

Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey

Kate Rate, b


Raritan, Hunterdon, New Jersey

William E. Rate, 30+ (and family)

Livingston, Columbia, New York

Hiram Rate, 20+ (and family)

Tyre, Seneca, New York

Peter Rate,  20+

Columbus Ward 3, Franklin, Ohio

Phillop Rate, 20+

Mifflin, Richland, Ohio

David Rate, 70+


District 19, Chambers, Alabama

Harrison Rate

Northern District, Hancock, Alabama

Samuel Rate, 29, born North Carolina; Martha, 25; Sarah, 3; Mary, 2

District 271, McIntosh, Georgia

Timothy Rate, 25, born North Carolina

Cedar, Johnson, Iowa

William Rate, 57, born England; Elizabeth, 52, born England; Edward, 20, born England; John, 18, born England; Elizabeth, 15, born Pennsylvania; Mary, 12, born Pennsylvania

William Rate, 29, born Wales; Margarett, 18, born Germany; Lovina, 0

District 1, Pendleton, Kentucky

Andrew Rate, 36, born Germany (as rest); John, 11; Elias, 8; Jacob, 7; Ann, 5; Andrew, 4

District 1, Dorchester, Maryland

John Rate (Plate), 30, b; Ann, 27, b; Joe, 8, b; John, 5, b; Sarah Eliza, 0, b

Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts

James Rate, 21, born New Hampshire

China, St Clair, Michigan

Martin Rate, 46, born Germany; Ferris G., 42, born Germany; Barn W., 17, born Germany

Westfield, Essex, New Jersey

James Rate, 18, born Ireland; John; 13, born Ireland

Albany Ward 1, Albany, New York

Ann Rate, 3; Michael, 0

Independence, Allegheny, New York

George N. Rate

Poughkeepsie, Duchess, New York

Henry Rate, 25, born Germany; Sophia, 22, born Germany

Buffalo Ward 3, Erie, New York

Catherine Rate, 17

Tonawanda, Erie, New York

Wensel Rate, 46, born Germany

New York Ward 5, New York, New York

Sarah Rate, 40, born England

New York Ward 8, New York, New York

Thomas Rate, 26, born Canada; Julia, 26, born Ireland; Catherine, 55, born Ireland

Huron, Wayne, New York

Richd Rate, 44, born England; Sabrina, 37; David, 15; Fanny M., 13; Elias E., 8; Elizabeth, 6; Malana J., 5; Chas R., 4

Savannah, Wayne, New York

Ellen Rate, 16

Harrison, Pickaway, Ohio

Mary Rate, 49

Baughman, Wayne, Ohio

Sebastian Rate, 26, born Germany; Maria, 25, born Germany; Lydia, 2; Susan, 0

Philadelphia, Pine Ward, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Peter Rate, 26, born Germany

Beat 8, Anderson, Texas

Lasher Rate

Norfolk, Norfolk (Independent City), Virginia

John Rate, 11, born England; Edward Rate, 8

Eastern District, Southampton, Virginia

William Rate


Cedar Township, Johnson, Iowa

William Rate

William Jr Rate


Palatine, Cook, Illinois

Conrad Rate

York, Fillmore, Minnesota

George Rate, 0 (death)

Hanover, Chautauqua, New York

Susannah Rate, 34, born England

Barre, Orleans, New York

George Rate, 25, England

Berlin, Rensselaer, New York

Nicholas Rate, 28, born Germany; Catharine; 28, born Germany; Mary, 6; John, 3, Infant, 0

Schodack, Rensselaer, New York

William Rate, 22, born England

Castleton, Richmond, New York

Peter Rate, 23, born Germany

Cohocton, Steuben, New York

Geo Rate, 27, born England (?); Sabry, 26; Emley, 3


Franklin, DeKalb, Illinois

Dickson Rate, 27, born Canada; Hannah, 25, born Illinois; Pierdon, 3, Sarah, 1, born England

Downers Grove, DuPage, Illinois

Richd Rate, 30, born New York; Nancy, 30, born Canada; Edward, 11; Clara R., 9; Eva, 2; Estella, 5m

Cornwall, Henry, Illinois

George Rate

Township 4 S Range 1 E, Jefferson, Illinois

Harry Rate

Township 1 Range 3, Marion, Illinois

Alexer Rate

Thomas Rate

Wm R. Rate

Township 8 S Range 5 W, Saline, Illinois

John R. Rate, 26, born Ohio; Mariah, 25; Delilah, 6m; M. L., 21; George, 6m

Cass, Cedar, Iowa

Edward Rate, 30, born England; Lydia F., 24, born Connecticut; Amelia, 3; Henry, 1; Francis, 11; Edwin, 10

Niles, Floyd, Iowa

George Rate

Cedar, Johnson, Iowa

Wm T. Rate, 39, born England; Margaret, 27, born Germany; Levina, 9; William, 3; Margaret A., 8m

District 1, Muhlenberg, Kentucky

John Rate, 29; Nancy J., 18; Mary, E., 2m; Mrs E. Kite (Rate), 48

Floyd, Carroll, Louisiana

W. J. Rate

Baltimore Ward 19, Baltimore, Maryland

Ellen Rate, 14

Lowell Ward 3, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Jane Rate, 30; Lucy, 22

Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts

John Rate, 39, born Sweden

Dallas, Holt, Missouri

Jesse Rate, 48, born New York; Harriet, 30, born Illinois; William, 21, born Ohio; John, 9, born Illinois; Elizabeth, 4, born Iowa

3rd Ward Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey

Julia Rate

Wellsville, Allegany, New York

John Rate

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Lewis Rate, 36, born England; Mary, 36, born England

Morrisania, Westchester, New York

Edward Rate, 16, born England

Lemon, Butler, Ohio

Frank Rate, 23, born Bavaria (death)

Fairfield, Columbiana, Ohio

Chas F. Rate, 33, born Germany; Gotleib, 30, born Germany; Malinda, 2

German Township, Fulton, Ohio

Nicholas Rate

Cincinnati Ward 17, Hamilton, Ohio

Godlip Rate, 33, born Switzerland; Mary E., 25, born New Jersey; Frank, 3m, born Ohio; Godlip, 14, born Switzerland; Fred, 10, born Switzerland

Sandusky, Sandusky, Ohio

Daniel Rate, 44, born Pennsylvania; Catharine, 37, born Pennsylvania; Alvina, 9, born Pennsylvania

Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio

John F. Rate, 24, born Maryland; Sally, 18, born Kentucky

Baughman, Wayne, Ohio

Sebastian Kate (Rate), 36, born Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; Mary, 35, born Baden, Germany; Lydia, 12; Susanah, 10; Mary, 3; John, 4; Daniel, 1

Penn, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Wm Rate, 70; Catherine, 65

Precinct 12, Harris, Texas

H. Rate, 40, born Germany; A., 40, born Germany; M., 16, born Germany; H., 9; F., 4

Germantown, Juneau, Wisconsin

Charles Rate, 35, born Prussia; Betsy, 40, born Prussia;  William, 15, born Prussia; John, 4; Rosa, 1

Racine Ward 4, Racine, Wisconsin

Christian Rate, 49, born Prussia; Anna, 42, born Prussia


New York, New York

Edward Rate


Greenupsburgh, Greenup, Kentucky

I. F. Rate

Walworth, New York

Frederick Rate


Essex, Connecticut

Horace L. Rate

Saybank, Connecticut

Nathl A. Rate

Nehemiah B. Rate

Rate Brothers & Co.

Cass, Iowa

Wm Rate and Brothers


Essex, Connecticut

Horace L. Rate

Saybank, Connecticut

Nathl A. Rate

Nehemiah B. Rate

District 2, Indiana

George Rate

Frederick St, District 3, Maryland

Jno F. Rate


Boone, Belvidere, Illinois

Frank Rate

Cafe Township, Iowa

Edward F. Rate

Dubuque, Iowa

John Rate

Johnson County, Iowa

Wm Rate

Fatanautti, Kentucky

W. C. Rate

Marshall, Oneida, New York

Peter Rate, 48, born England; Sarah Wraight (Rate), 40, born England

Prattsburg, Steuben, New York

Evin Rate, 24; Mary, 21; Alice M. 11m

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

C. Rate, 59 (f), born England

Woodward, Clinton, Pennsylvania

Charles J. Rate

South Quarter, Pennsylvania

Geo F. Rate


Roanoke, Alabama


Attante, Georgia

M. Rate

Lloyd, Georgia

Rate & Co

Cass, Iowa

Edward T. Rate

Cedar Bluffs, Iowa

Edward L. Rate

Warrenton, Iowa

Nathaniel Rate

Washington, New Jersey

Rudolph F. Rate

Bosnesy, New York

Joseph Rate


Layer, Georgia

M. Rate

Precinct 1, Trinity, Texas

John Trees Rate, born Louisiana


Vinson, Coosa, Alabama

J. W. Rate

Napa, Napa, California

Stephen Rate, 40, born England

San Francisco Ward 11, San Francisco, California

John Rate, 30, born Italy; Louisa, 28, born Italy; Charles, 3; John, 2m

Joseph Rate, 21, born Italy

McKee, Adams, Illinois

James Rate

Township 4 Range 1, Marion, Illinois

Milton Rate

Linn, Cedar, Iowa

J. S. Rate, 37, born England; Eliza M., 24; Orres, 2

Wm S. Rate, 49, born England; Margaret, 37, born Bavaria; Lavina, 20; William, 18; Margaret, 10; Jane, 8; Ada, 6; Cora, 2, Selena, 6m

Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa

Edward Rate, 39, born England; Lydia F., 34, born Connecticut; Amelia E., 13; Henry H., 11; Hannah, 6

Iowa City Ward 3, Johnson, Iowa

Catharine Rate, 68, born Bavaria, Germany

Linn, Linn, Iowa

Harvey Rate

Lawrence Ward 1, Douglas, Kansas

Johnson Rate

Leavenworth Ward 2, Leavenworth, Kansas

Geo Rate, 53, b, born Louisiana (as others); Ina, 19, b; Eller, 14, b

Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky

Mary Rate, 0 (death)

Damariscotta, Lincoln, Maine

Mary Rate, 41

District 12, Baltimore, Maryland

Lewis Rate, 34, born Germany

District 1, Carroll, Maryland

Contee Rate (Raitt), 49; Nathan, 53

Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Wallace H. Rate, 27, born New York; Susan, 26, born England; Florence, 8; Nellie M., 5; Thomas, 15

Bay City, Bay, Michigan

Eldridge Rate, 30, born Ohio

Parma, Jackson, Michigan

William Rate, 62, born England

St Clair Ward 1, St Clair, Michigan

Fit Rat (Rate), 51, born Bavaria; ?, 48, born Bavaria; Mary, 8

Brooklyn Ward 10, Kings, New York

Saml Rate, 42, born France; Mary, 25, born France; Fannie, 1

Gravesend, Kings, New York

Mary Rate, 30, born England

New York Ward 8 District 21 (2nd Enum), New York, New York

Jas Rate, 35, born Pennsylvania; Ellen, 25, born Pennsylvania; Julia, 1, born Pennsylvania

New York Ward 9 District 2, New York, New York

Thomas W. Rate, 57, born England; Isabella, 57, born Scotland; Thomas W., 29, born Scotland; George S., 27, born Scotland

New York Ward 20 District 10 (2nd Enum), New York, New York

Charles Rate, 39, born Hesse, Germany; Clara, 29, born Hesse, Germany; Edward, 26, born Hesse, Germany

Sangerfield, Oneida, New York

Lewis Rate, 48, born England

Schodack, Rensselaer, New York

William Rate, 40, born England; Jane, 39; John H.; 12; William, 10; Charles, 8

Wheeler, Steuben, New York

Caroline Rate (Wraight), 69, born England; Ervin, 29; Mary, 26; Alice, 6; Eliza, 4m

Ontario, Wayne, New York

Adolphus Rate, 43, born W├╝rttemberg, Germany; Caroline, 39, born Switzerland; Charles, 3

Rose, Wayne, New York

James Rate, 51, born England; Francis, 58, born England; William, 22; Hannah Rate, 19; Frances, 16; George, 10

Morrisania, Westchester, New York

Edward Rate, 27, born England; Marianna, 25, born England; Edw K., 5; Charlotte, 1

Green Creek, Sandusky, Ohio

Hiram H. Rate, 43; Mariah, 41; Elmer M., 9; Jno H., 5

Kilnuck, Allegneny, Pennsylvania

Charles Rate, 36, born Baden, Germany; Catherine, 24, born Baden, Germany; Joseph, 2; Charles, 1

Harrisburg Ward 8, Dauphin, Pennsylvania

John Rate, 32, born Prussia

Philadelphia Ward 1 District 7, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ann Rate, 44; Maria, 16

Philadelphia Ward 4 District 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charles Rate, 50, born Italy; Melvine, 38, born Italy; Rose, 5; Dennie, 23; Joseph, 15; Stephen, 2

Philadelphia Ward 4 District 12 (2nd Enum), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charles Rate, 40; Ann, 38; Joseph, 22; Rosa, 10; John, 23; Thomas, 27; Wm, 27; Charles 31

Philadelphia Ward 9 District 26, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rosy Y. Rate, 40, born Ireland

Philadelphia Ward 24 District 77, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

William Rate, 30

Deerfield, Warren, Pennsylvania

John C. Rate, 25

Jefferson, Chesterfield, South Carolina

Frank Rate

District 1, Franklin, Tennessee

Mary Rate, 19, born Ohio

District 8, Franklin, Tennessee

Sylvester Rait (Rate), 46, born Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; Mary, 45, born Bavaria; Susan, 19, born Ohio (as siblings); Mary, 17; John, 13; Maggie, 8; Hattie, 6; Frank, 4

Fort Coucho, Bexar, Texas

John Rate, 26, born Prussia

Duxbury, Washington, Vermont

James Rate, 20, born Canada

Norwich, Windsor, Vermont

Ebarer Rate, 34; Jennie, 28

Upper Revenue District, Hanover, Virginia

Littleton T. Rate, 50; Sally, 45; Clenny, 14; Hester, 12

Richmond Madison Ward, Henrico, Virginia

Millie Rate, 30, b

Brodhead, Green, Wisconsin

Wm Rate (Wraight), 28; Rachel, 38


Eudora, Douglas, Kansas

P. W. Rate, 35, born Pennsylvania; Sarah, 33, born Illinois; Eddie, 13; Mary, 6; Ida, 5; Clara, 3; Elmer, 1

Vicksburg, Jewell, Kansas

Joel Rate, 30, born Pennsylvania

Mendon, Monroe, New York

Lillie Rate, 8, born Michigan

Lockport Ward 01, Niagara, New York

Robert Rate, 50, born England

Nassau, Rensselaer, New York

Charles Rate, 13

Schodack, Rensselaer, New York

John Rate, 17

Wm Rate, 15


Horseheads, Chemung, New York

Thomas Rate, 69 (death)

Grainger, Tennessee

Mary Rate, 26 (death)


Yount, Napa, California

Steven Pate (Rate), 55, born England

District 548, Clayton, Georgia

James M. Rate

Downers Grove, DuPage, Illinois

Burton Rate, 13

Joliet, Will, Illinois

Leo Rate, 60, born Indiana (parents Germany)

Columbia City, Whitley, Indiana

Hubbard Rate, 29, born Ohio; Ursula, 29, born Michigan; Emma, 8; Lou B., 4

Lincoln, Adair, Iowa

Adam Rate

Cass, Cedar, Iowa

Edward F. Rate, 50, born England; Liddie F., 44, born Connecticut; Henry H., 21; Abbie H., 16; Albert F. 10

Linn, Cedar, Iowa

Eliza M. Rate, 35; Horrace W., 12; John E., 9; George F., 4; Charele C., 1

William S. Rate, 58, born England; Margarett, 47, born Bavaria, Germany; Margaret, 20; William, 22; Jame, 18; Cara, 12; Ada, 16; Linea, 10; Ester, 8

Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Edward Rate, 50, born England; Liddia, 44, born Connecticut; Emma, 23

Smoky Hill, Davis, Kansas

Alec C. Rate, 21, born Wisconsin (parents born Scotland)

Center, Russell, Kansas

William A. Rate, 14, born England

Poland, Androscoggin, Maine


Baltimore, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland

Frank Rate, 19, born Washington, D. C.

Dover, Lenawee, Michigan

Anne Rate, 6, born Canada (father born England)

Palmyra, Lenawee, Michigan

Charles Rate, 32, born New York; Eva Wraight (Rate), 18, born Ohio; Lilian Wraight (Rate), 3m

Forester, Sanilac, Michigan

Andrew Rate

Sturgis, St Joseph, Michigan

Annie Rate, 17, born New York

Calhoun, Mississippi

Thomas Rate, 35, born Scotland; Martha, 24; Mary, 5; Thomas, 2

Albany, Albany, New York

Maria L. Rate, 45; Sarah A., 22

Windsor, Broome, New York

Jane Rate (Raitt), 39; Lonny, 18; Burton, 15; George D., 10

Horseheads, Chemung, New York

Thomas Rate, 69 (death)

New York, New York

Conklin Rate

15th Election District, New York City, New York

Edward A. Rate, 37, born England; Mary A., 36, born England; Edward K., 14; Lotta, 11; Hattie M., 6; Rutledge H., 3

New York City, New York, New York

Amelia Rate, 22, (parents born Prussia)

Tillie Rate, 9 (parents born Germany)

3rd Avenue, New York, New York

Edward Rate

Schodack, Rensselaer, New York

John Rate, 26

William Rate, 20 (father born England)

Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio

Fredrick Rate, 58, born Germany; Margret, 50, born Germany; Adam, 20; Frank; Louis, 15; Charles, 13

Perry, Stark, Ohio

Mary Rate, 23, (parents born Germany)

Mifflin, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Ann Rate, 18

North Kidder, Carbon, Pennsylvania

Levi Rate, 37; Elisabeth, 36; Emilinea, 15; Allen, 13; Oscar, 12; Matilda, 9; George, 5; Cora, 3; Mary, 1

Bradford, McKean, Pennsylvania

Effie Rate, 20

Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frederika Rate

District 5, Benton, Tennessee

Dennis Rate, 21, b

District 8, Franklin, Tennessee

Sebastian Rate, 56, born Hesse Darmstadt, Germany; Mary, 56, born Hesse Darmstadt, Germany; John, 23, born Ohio (as rest); Magie, 19; Hattie, 17; Frank, 14

San Antonio, Bexar, Texas

Lizzie Rate, 27, born Wisconsin

Enumeration District 40, Falls, Texas

Samuel Rate

Freestone, Texas

Shaw Rate, 38, b, born Alabama; Lucey, 31, b, born Mississippi; William T., 11, b; Elizabeth, 8, b; Robert, 11m, b

Plains, Rockingham, Virginia

Mary E. Rate, 14

Fulton, Rock, Wisconsin

Emma Rate, 35


San Luis Obispo, California

Stephen Rate, 64, born England

Jacksonville, Duval, Florida

C. F. Rate, 56 (f), born Holland

Goshen, Clay, Kansas

M. A. Rate, 35, born Pennsylvania; H. E., 36, born Ohio; R. P., 8; C. J. 6

Plattsmouth City 2nd Ward, Cass, Nebraska

Johnes Rate, 25, born Bohemia, Germany

Wilber Precinct, Saline, Nebraska

Fred Rate, 38, born Germany; Mary, 36, born Germany; Annie, 14, born Germany; John, 12, born Germany


Tipton-Wilson, Tennessee

Austin Rate

Dickson-Greene (Dist 8), Franklin, Tennessee

Frank Rate


San Luis Obispo, California

Stephen Rate, 67, born England

Lyndon, Cattaraugus, New York

Chancey Rate, 48; Adaline P., 39; Ella M., 12; Elnore, 3

Walton, Delaware, New York

Henry Rate, 31

Mason, Washington

Adam Rate, 35, born Pennsylvania


Bay, Michigan

Fredrick Rate, 63, born Prussia

Gratiot, Michigan

     A.     Rate, 56, born Indiana; S. Rate, 47, born Indiana


Benton, Benton, Iowa

Fred Rate, 55, born Pennsylvania; Louisa, 50, born Pennsylvania; Flora, 28; John, 25; Arleigh, 16; Clifford, 14; Frank, 10

Linn, Cedar, Iowa

William S. Rate, 73, born England; Margaret, 61, born Germany; William P., 38; Lena, 25; Esther, 23; Charles F., 20

Fifth Ward, Johnson, Iowa

Edward F. Rate, 64, born England; Lydia F., 58, born Connecticut; Abbey H., 27; Albert F., 24; Laura F., 16; Robert Grover, 14

Goshen, Clay, Kansas

W. W. Rate, 48, born Pennsylvania; Mary, 57, born Ohio; Rosy, 18; Cora, 16

Kansas City Ward 3, Wyandotte, Kansas

Nettie Rate, 15

Waseca Ward 3, Waseca, Minnesota

Amel Rate, 38, born Germany; Aobelnie, 33, born Germany; Anna 12; Charlie, 10; Edie, 8; Amel, 6; Amelie, 4; Herman, 1

Pohatcong, Warren, New Jersey

Jacob Rate, 20+

Barton, Washington, Wisconsin

Fred Rate (and family)