Elizabeth Dorward Raitt’s tree

Elizabeth Dorward Raitt was born 18 November 1849 in Arbroath - the youngest child and second daughter of John Raitt and Elizabeth Dorward. She married William Robertson Doig in February 1871 with whom she had nine children between 1873 and 1892. A bleach mill worker and weaver, she died aged 74 on 10 March 1924 in Arbroath.

For Doig ancestry, visit the Dogs of Menteith website which has many links to Doig family history pages. One particularly relevant database here is that of Thomas Doig and Margaret Smith whose descendants include Elizabeth Dorward Raitt’s husband William Robertson Doig. This file gives much detail about the various individuals in the families.


In the 1851 census for Ladyloan, living at 15 Hannah St are John Raitt, head, 45, seaman; wife Elizabeth, 42; children Margaret, 17, powerloom weaver; John, 15, machine flax dresser; James, 10, housework; David, 5, scholar; Elizabeth, 1 - all born Arbroath. In the same house is Elizabeth's mother Margaret Dorward (nee Philip) and her two sons David (56) and James (45) - both unmarried seamen.

In the 1861 census for 18 Hannah St, Arbroath is Elizabeth Rait, 52, seaman’s wife; daughter Margaret Rait, 27, flax mill worker; son David Raitt, 14, flax mill worker; daughter Elizabeth, 10, scholar. Husband John Raitt is at sea.

In the 1871 census for 8 Bridge St, Arbroath is William R. Doig, age 23, bleach mill worker; Elizabeth Raitt, wife, age 21, bleach mill worker; their daughter Margaret Raitt, under 1 m; and sister Margaret Raitt, age 37, flax mill worker

In the 1881 census for Arbroath, residing at 22 Hannah St is William R. Doig, head, 33, overseer at a flax mill, born Glamis; wife Elizabeth, 31, born Arbroath; and children Margaret R. (10), scholar; David (7), scholar; James D. (5), scholar; Alexander (3), and Elizabeth D. (1) - all born Arbroath.

In the 1891 census for 22 Hannah St, Arbroath is William Doig, 43, flax mill overseer; wife Elizabeth, 42, children Maggie R., 20, mill worker reeler; David, 17, mill mechanic; James, 15; flax mill worker; Alexander, 13, flax mill worker; Elizabeth D., 10; William R., 8; Agnes, 6, and Jessie R., 3. In the same house is Elizabeth's sister Margaret Phillips Raitt who moved in after her mother died.  

In 1901 William Doig, 53, born Glamis was a flax-mill foreman residing at 22 Hannah St, Arbroath  with wife Elizabeth D., 51; and children Maggie, single (30), mill worker flax; Alexander, single (23), moulder; Lizzie, single (21), millworker flax; William (18), mill worker flax; Agnes A. (15), mill worker flax; Jessie (11), scholar; and Colin (8), scholar. In the same building is Elizabeth's sister Margaret Phillips Raitt, 67, former mangler - all born Arbroath. Down the road at 27 Hannah St is William and Elizabeth’s eldest son David and family; while at 31 Hannah St is Elizabeth’s nephew David Raitt, head, 31, house painter. born Arbroath; with wife Annie (31), daughters Mary (6, scholar), Annie (5, scholar), son David (3) and daughter Lily (2).

In 1911 still at 22 Hannah St, Arbroath is William R. Doig, head, 63, mill overseer in flax mill, born Glamis; with wife Elizabeth, 62, born Arbroath (married 40 years, had nine children, eight still living at census date); daughter Maggie R., 40, born Arbroath, single, tow worker in flax mill; daughter Elizabeth Cruickshanks, 30, born Arbroath, tow worker in flax mill, (married 10 years, had 2 children, 1 living); grandson William D. Cruickshanks, 7, school, born Aberdeen; daughter Agnes R., 25, born Arbroath, single, tow worker in flax mill; daughter Jessie R., 22, born Arbroath, single, tow worker in flax mill; son Colin D., 18, single, born Arbroath, mechanic in engineer works; aunt Margaret P. Raitt, 77, single, born Arbroath.


The tree below shows the descendants of Elizabeth Dorward Raitt and William Robertson Doig.