London Raitts

There seem to have been quite a few Raitts in London - all pretty much living in the same area and many most likely related to some extent since they bear similar names! I find the English BMD records not nearly so precise and accessible online as the Scottish ones (for instanced, exact birth dates are not found) - and the different boundary changes of locations in London can cause confusion. Below I have tended to concentrate on the male Raitts in the main rather than the females since they did not carry the name forward. Besides the obes below I intend to look into some of the other London Raitts at some point.

William Robert Raitt (1875-1945)

As noted on the English Raitts page, two brothers, William Cyril Samuel Raitt and Arthur James Raitt emigrated to South Africa where their story is told. Their father was William Robert Raitt, who according to his WW1 descriptive report on joining up in 1916 (and assigned to the Labour Corps, Non Combatant Corps), was aged 41, had a height of 5ft 4.25in, and a chest measurement when fully expanded of 33 inches (with a range of expansion of 2.5 inches). From information supplied by the recruit, we learn that his wife was Jane Sarah Bradshaw, living at 115 Silvermere Road, Catford. They had married on 2 May 1900 at Bow Baptist Chapel, Poplar, London. Five children are also listed: Jennie (Ruth), born 27 April 1901 in Lewisham; Amy Elizabeth, born 15 July 1902 in Lee; William Cyril, born 11 December 1903 in Lee; Eva, born 28 November 1904 in Lee; and Arthur James, born 7 October 1907 in Wickford.

William Robert Raitt's birth in Poplar, London was on 10 July 1875. His death at age 69 was on 20 February 1945 in Watford, Hertfordshire. Jane Sarah Bradshaw was born on 29 November 1870 in Poplar, London and her death aged 76 occurred in the fourth quarter of 1947 also in Watford.

In the 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses William was at home with his parents and siblings  - and wife Jane Sarah in 1901 (see below). However, in the 1911 census for Station Road, Laindon, Essex we find William R. Raitt, 35, born in Poplar, Middlesex, a shopkeeper grocer and provision dealer; wife Jane S., 40, born Bromley by Bow, assisting in the business; children: Jennie R., 9, born Catford, Kent; Amy E., 8, born Lee, Kent; William C. S., 7, born Lee, Kent; Eva, 6, born Lee, Kent; and Arthur J., 3, born Laindon, Essex. Also in the household is William’s widowed mother Mary E. Raitt, 66, born Poplar, Middlesex. William and Jane had been married for ten years and had had five children, all still living.

In the 1939 Register, living at 881 St Albans Rd, Watford, Hertfordshire we have William R. Raitt, born 10 July 1875, a property owner independent means; and wife Jane S., born 29 November 1870, housewife unpaid domestic duties.

What is not evident from his WW1 descriptive report is that William was a conscientious objector (like his brother Arthur Edwin - see below) on religious grounds (he was a Seventh Day Adventist and worked as a Missionary Canvaser - which most likely inspired his son William Cyril Samuel to become a missionary - see South African Raitts page). William accepted conscription into the Non-Combatant Corps on 12 December 1916 and served in Aldershot until he was demobbed on 2 April 1919.

William Henry Raitt (1837-1902)

William Robert Raitt’s father was William Henry Raitt, born on 21 August 1837 in Camberwell, Surrey and dying in December 1902 in Lewisham, London. It would appear William Henry married twice. His marriage to Elizabeth Leach took place in the first quarter of 1861 in Newington, London. Elizabeth seems to have been born in 1842 in Cambridgeshire and appears to have died in 1872, age 30, possibly from childbirth complications. Their daughter Elizabeth Henrietta was born in the first quarter of 1865 in Poplar.

Following the death of his wife Elizabeth, William Henry married Mary Elizabeth Buckley in the third quarter of 1873 in Poplar, London. Mary’s birth was registered in the fourth quarter of 1845 in Poplar and her death was registered in the fourth quarter of 1922 in Wandsworth aged 76. The couple had five children, including four boys: William Robert (born 1875) (see above); Henry James (1876), Frederick Charles (1879), Arthur Edwin (1883) and Ada (1886).

In the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses William Henry was living at home with his parents and siblings (see below).

In the 1871 census for Hale Street, Poplar, London, Middlesex, there is an entry for William Hy Raitt, 33, outfitter shopman, born Camberwell, Surrey with wife Elizabeth, 29, born Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire; and daughter Elizth H., 6, born Poplar, Middlesex.

He is to be found with his family in the 1881 census living at 129 High Street, St Paul Deptford, Greenwich, London. Wm Henry Rait (sic), age 43, hatter, born Camberwell, Surrey; wife M E (Mary Elizabeth) 35, born Poplar; daughter E T (Elizabeth Henrietta), 16, born Bromley, Middlesex; and sons W R (William Robert), 5; H J (Henry James), 4; and F C (Frederick Charles), 1 - all the boys born in Poplar, Middlesex.

In the 1891 census for Hatters Shop, 181 High Street, Poplar, London we have W. H. Raitt, 53, hatter, born Camberwell; wife M. E., 45, born Blackwall, Middlesex; sons: W. R., 15, office boy; H. J., 14, office boy; F. C., 11, scholar; and daughter Ada, 4 - all children born Poplar, Middlesex. (Where eldest daughter Elizabeth Henrietta was in 1891 is not yet known, nor where 8 year old son Arthur was.)

In the 1901 census for 63, Honley Road, Lewisham. London we find William Raitt, 63, retired hatter, born Camberwell, Surrey; wife Mary, 55, born Poplar, Middlesex; children: William, 25, married, agent (assurance), born Poplar; Henry, 24, agent (assurance), born Poplar; Fred, 21, general labourer, born Poplar; Arthur, 18, clerk in a mineral water manufacturer, born Poplar; and Ada, 14, born Poplar. Also in the household is Jeanice Raitt, 30, married, but also apparently a widow, born in Bromley by Bow, Middlesex. This is presumably son William Robert’s wife Jane S. Bradshaw.

Again where Elizabeth Henrietta was in 1901 is not known - though she appears to have married Walter Richard James in the fourth quarter of 1900 in Elham, Kent.

The details found for Mary Raitt and son William in the 1911 census are given above. At 17 Crescent Road, Thanet, Ramsgate, Kent, we find Mary’s daughter Ada Mary Raitt, 24, single, born Poplar, working as a domestic nurse in the Lilly household in 1911. She is not yet found in the 1939 Register. An Ada M. Raitt, aged 73 (thus born abt 1886) died in Battersea, London in the fourth quarter of 1959.

For Mary’s other children in the 1911 census, living with his family at 40 Avondale Square, Old Kent Road, Camberwell, London, there is Henry James Raitt, 34, insurance agent in the Refuge Assistance Company, born Poplar; wife Ada Maud, 28, born Peckham; and children Cecil Henry, 4, born Clapham; and Ernest James, 2, born West Central London. Henry and Ada had been married for six years. Henry, born in the fourth quarter of 1876 in Poplar, married Ada Maud Norris (born abt 1882 in London), in the second quarter of 1905 in Lambeth, London. The date of Henry’s death is not yet ascertained. However, in the 1939 Register for 75 Review Road, Willesden, Middlesex, we find Ada M. Huff (the name Raitt is crossed out) born 18 June 1882, doing unpaid domestic duties; together with (son) Ernest J. Raitt, born 9 May 1908, unemployed salesman; and Robert Norris, born 4 September 1861, widowed, retired salesman - this may be Ada’s father. In fact an Ada M. Raitt married John Huff in the third quarter of 1920 in Pancras, London. No record of a death of Ada Huff, born abt 1882 was found, though there was the death of Ada M. Raitt recorded who died aged 84 in the first quarter of 1966 (thus born abt 1882) in Brent, Middlesex.

Henry James and Ada’s son Cecil Henry married Elsie S. Kempster in the fourth quarter of 1933 in Watford, Hertfordshire. He died in the third quarter of 1967 in Hendon, Middlesex, aged 61. In the 1939 Register for 77A Braemar Avenue, Willesden, Middlesex we have Cecil H. Raitt, born 5 June 1904, aircraft fitter (heavy); and wife Elsie S. born 27 December 1909 doing unpaid domestic duties. Henry James and Ada’s other son Ernest James born on 9 May 1908 in St Giles, London died in the third quarter of 1991 in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

At 10b Laleham Road, Catford, Lewisham, London in 1911 we have Frederick C. Raitt, age 31, single, born Poplar, living by himself and employed as an insurance agent and shorthand typist, though his main living as with an insurance agency. Frederick, born in the fourth quarter of 1879, married Caroline Mousley in the fourth quarter 1911 in Lewisham. Frederick died in Folkestone, Kent in the second quarter of 1961 aged 82. A Caroline L. Raitt died in Dover, Kent in the first quarter of 1958, aged 80 and a Caroline Louisa Mousley was born in Greenwich in the third quarter of 1877. I assume this is the same person and the right wife! In the 1939 Register, living at 8 Dunnett Road, Folkstone, Kent we find Frederick C. Raitt, born 20 October 1879, occupied as a timekeeper and clerk; wife Caroline, born 9 August 1877, doing unpaid domestic duties; and son Norman F., born 30 November 1914 (in Bromley, Kent) and occupied as a watchmaker and jewellers assistant and wireless mechanic estimating repairs. Norman died in the first quarter of 1996 in Shepway, Kent.

Meanwhile, at 175 Laleham Road, Catford S E, Lewisham in 1911, we find Arthur Edwin Raitt, 28, assistant collector with the Metropolitan Water Board, born London Deptford; wife Mary, 29, born Bristol, Gloucestershire; and children Arthur Ernest, 4, born London, Catford; and Ivy Josephine, 4m, born London, Catford. Arthur and Mary had been married for five years. Ivy Josephine married Russell S. Jones in the third quarter of 1937 in Lewisham.

Arthur Edwin was born on 19 December 1882 in Greenwich, London and died on 18 July 1949 in Lewisham aged 66. He married Mary Phillips (nee Mary Jane Strawbridge Phillips) in Lewisham on 19 December 1905. Mary may be the Mary Raitt who died in Dartford, Kent aged 83 in the third quarter of 1965. Apparently like his brother William Robert, Arthur was a conscientious objector on religious grounds and after being called up for the 1st World War was court martialled in 1916 and sentenced to 112 days hard labour in Wormwood Scrubs Prison for refusing to obey orders. Following his release he was transferred to the Non-Cambatant Corps and found himself again disciplined for failing to obey orders, insolence and being AWOL. He was eventually demobbed on 29 August 1919. In the 1939 Register for 141 Bellingham Rd, Lewisham, London, we find Arthur E. Raitt, born 19 Dec 1882, working as a typewriter dealer and repairer; and wife Mary J. S., born 13 November 1881, doing unpaid domestic duties.

Arthur Edwin and Mary Jane’s son Arthur Ernest was born in the fourth quarter of 1906 in Lewisham and he died in New Zealand in 1977 aged 70. He is recorded as travelling to Wellington, New Zealand from Newport (Monmouthshire, Wales), aboard the Remuera, on 18 August 1836. The details show Arthur Raitt, age 27, buyer; accompanied by his wife Lesley, 23 and infant Penelope - their last address was 21 Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Lesley appears to be an incorrect entry for Lilian - Lilian Newham was born on born 22 February 1913 (most likely in Scarborough), and died as Lilian Raitt on 10 June 2002 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. There seems to be no record of their marriage in England, however daughter Penelope was born in the second quarter of 1936 in Gloucester, just weeks before they sailed for New Zealand. The descendants of Arthur Ernest will be found on the New Zealand Raitts page.

In fact though, it is possible that Arthur Edwin was married before. An Arthur E. Raitt married Edith M. Morris in the third quarter of 1930 in Lewisham, London and they appear to have had two children. Daughter Gwendolen S. Raitt was born in Edmonton, Middlesex in the fourth quarter of 1931 - she married Peter L. Crowle in East Ham, Essex during the fourth quarter of 1953. Son Arthur Ernest Raitt was born on 20 October 1934 in Croydon, Surrey and died in Cambridge in the fourth quarter of 1989. He is found in the 1939 Register for 6 Coulson’s Buildings, Penzance, Cornwall - Arthur E. Raitt, born 20 October 1934, at school; also listed is Emily Morris, born 7 November 1879. I assume that this is his mother. An Edith M. Raitt married a chap called Sadler in the first quarter of 1938.

Not a lot about this Arthur Ernest Raitt is known at present. As A.G. Raitt (sic), an education officer, born 20 October 1934, he travelled on 7 October 1958 from London to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika aboard the Kenya Castle. His last address in the UK was 36 North Parade, Aberystwyth, Wales. One wonders whether he know the other Raitts in West Africa.

William Raitt (1806-1867)

William Henry Raitt’s parents were William Raitt, born 26 Sept 1806 in Southwark/Newington, Surrey (dying in Newington in March 1867 aged 61) and Martha Sherman (1802-1878) whom he married on 7 August 1831 in St Mary, Lambeth. Martha was born on 11 September 1802 in Norwich, Norfolk and died in St Saviour, Southwark in the first quarter of 1878 aged 76. They had seven children: Martha Ann (24 Oct 1832), Louisa Maria (1834), Emma (14 Jan 1836), William Henry (1837-1902) (see above), Mary Jane (1839), George (1840-1850), and the wonderfully named Horatio Mountain (1843-1867) (see below).

In the 1841 census for Cottage Green, St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey we find William Raitt, 34, an assistant surgeon; wife Martha, 35; and children: Louisa, 7; Emma, 5; William, 3; Mary, 2; and George, 1 - everyone born in Surrey.

In the 1851 census for Upper Doctor Street, St Mary, Newington, Surrey, there is William Raitt, 45, married, medical assistant, born Newington; daughter Mary Jane, 12, born Camberwell, Surrey; and son Horatio Mountain, 7, born Camberwell. At Blackman Street, Saint George the Martyr, Saint George Southwark, Surrey we find William’s wife Martha, 48, no occupation, born Norfolk, Norwich visiting her daughter Emma, 15, born Camberwell, Surrey, who was a nursemaid in the large Shelly household.

In the 1861 census for 3 Elizabeth Street, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, London, Surrey, we find William Raitt, 55, medical assistant, born Newington - married but living alone. In the same census but for 2 Edward Street, Newington, London, Surrey we find William’s wife, Martha Raitt, 58, married, born Newington) working as a lady’s nurse in the Radcliffe household. Son Horatio M., 17, born Camberwell, Surrey is a shop boy at 3 Staverton Row, Newington. He later became a shoe salesman.

In the 1871 census for 14 Elizabeth Street, St Mary Newington, there is Martha Raitt, 69, lodger, widow, nurse, born Norfolk, Norwich.

William and Martha’s son George was born in the second quarter of 1840 in Camberwell, London and died aged 10 in 1850 in Smith St, Walworth, St Peter, Surrey. Their son Horatio Mountain Raitt was born on 9 September 1843 in Camberwell, London and married Mary Ann Renton on 16 October 1864 in Newington. Mary Ann had been born there in the fourth quarter of 1841 and she died in the second quarter of 1922 in Wandsworth, aged 80. Horatio Mountain died of gastric fever on 6 June 1867 in Bermondsey and was buried on 12 June in Hackney, Middlesex. Horatio and Mary Ann’s son, George Horatio, aged 24 (born 5 August 1865 in Shoreditch), married Annie Hawkins, age 18, (born 1871) on 31 August 1889 in St Stephen, Walworth, Surrey. He died in Finchley on 22 March 1940. The couple had several children including Annie May, Lily Maud, George Henry and Joseph Edward.

In the 1871 census for 25 Portland Street, St Mary Newington, St Saviour Southwark, London we find Horatio’s widow, Mary Ann Raitt, 28, school mistress, born Surrey; son George H., 5, born Bermondsey, Surrey; and daughter Mary Ann, 4, born Hoxton, Middlesex.

In 1881, now at 49 Portland St, there is Mary A. Raitt, 39, widow, teacher in a private school, born Lambeth, Surrey; son G. H. (George Horatio), 15, telegraph messenger, born Hoxton, Middlesex; daughter M A (Mary Ann), 14, born Lambeth, Surrey; and Mary’s mother Mary A. Renton, widow, 80, born Islington, Middlesex. (George’s mother Mary Ann Raitt was at the same address in 1891 - she was 49, a widow, born St Mary Newington and working in a dame school; living with her was her brother, William Renton, 52, a butcher, born Bermondsey, Middlesex. Where daughter Mary Ann was is not known at present. In 1901 both mother and daughter were still at the same address - Mary Ann Snr, 58, born Walworth was charing, while her daughter, 30, born Bermondsey was doing shirt work. By 1911 the two women had moved to 42 Smyrks Road, St Mary Newington - Mary Ann Snr was 69 and Mary Ann Jnr was 38 and a dressmaker.)

The 1891 census for 145 Westmoreland Road, Newington, St Saviour Southwark shows that George H. Raitt, 25, canvas picture frame maker, born Hoxton, Middlesex, is married to Annie, 20, born Camberwell, Middlesex, and that they have a baby daughter Annie May, born second quarter 1890 in St Saviour Southwark. George Horatio had married Annie Hawkins in the third quarter of 1889 in St Saviour Southwark.

In 1901 now living in Baker Street, Enfield, Edmonton, Middlesex, George H. Raitt is 35, a picture frame maker, born Hoxton; wife Annie, 30, born Camberwell, Surrey; children: May, 10, born Walworth, Surrey; George, 9, born Walworth; Lily Maud, 7, born Enfield, Middlesex; and Joseph, 5, born Enfield.

In the 1911 census for 46 Kynaston Road, Enfield, Middlesex, there is George Raitt, 45, picture framer shopkeeper, born Hoxton; wife Annie, 40, born Camberwell; daughters May, 20, drapers assistant, born Walworth; and Lily, 17, born Enfield; and son Joseph, 15, drapers apprentice, born Enfield. We learn from the census that George and Annie had been married for 21 years, and that Annie had had five children one of whom had died - this was most likely Bessie Raitt who was born and died in the first quarter of 1897 in St Saviour Southwark. In the 1839 Register for 125 Baker Street, Enfield, Middlesex, we have George H. Raitt, born 5 August 1865, picture frame maker; and wife An, born 6 October 1870, incapacitated. George died on 22 March 1940 aged 74 at 37 Grove Road, Finchley, Middlesex. This was the address of his daughter Lily Maud (Bufton). The Administration (with Will) (made in) Llandudno 22 October (1940) to Annie Raitt, widow, and Joseph Edward Raitt, small arms assembler. Effects £803 1s 7d. Annie died in the second quarter of 1941 aged 70 in Edmonton, Middlesex.

The photo below left is of George Horatio Raitt’s shop at 125 Baker Street, Enfield in 1929. The image at right is a watercolour, sold by WorthPoint, of the Egyptian pyramids painted in the 1920s or 30s in a wooden frame with a label on the back for G H Raitt Baker Street, Enfield. And sold on ebay was a 19th century embroidered alphabet sampler in an original frame with the name G. H. Raitt Picture Frame Maker, 125 Baker St., Enfield (outside London, England).

George Horatio and Annie’s son George Henry was born in the third quarter of 1891 in St Saviour Southwark. He may well have emigrated to Canada as a Geo H. Raitt, 19, labourer, is recorded as sailing to Halifax, Canada from Liverpool on 1 April 1911 aboard the Canada. However, this is actually most likely the George Henry Raitt, born 3 November 1891, who, with various addresses in Ottawa was in the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 and 1918 and was discharged from hospital as an out patient on 24 June 1919. His father’s name was James. It seems he was first a Lance Corporal with the Canadian Engineers Imperial Army and then a 2nd Lieutenant with the Royal Flying Corps.

George and Annie’s other son, Joseph Edward, was born on 11 September 1895 in Edmonton, Middlesex and died on 20 June 1981 in Enfield, Middlesex. He was a cabinet maker and married Winifred Caroline Andrews on 8 June 1921 in Edmonton. Their son Alan Joseph Raitt was born on 7 March 1924 in Edmonton and he died on 2 November 1979 in Enfield. In the 1939 Register for 393 Carterhatch Lane, Enfield, Middlesex, we have Joseph E. Raitt, born 11 September 1895, working as a filer rifle stripper RSAF; wife Winifred C., born 5 May 1898, doing unpaid domestic duties; and son Alan J., born 7 March 1924, working as an apprentice rubber engraver. Alan married Elizabeth Bain MacRae on 17 May 1947 in Buckrose, Yorkshire and the couple had two sons: David Alan Raitt, born in the third quarter 1949 in Edmonton, Middlesex; and Gordon Robert Raitt, born in the first quarter of 1952, also in Edmonton. It would appear that Alan Joseph subsequently married Daphne E. Layzell in Enfield in the third quarter of 1975. David Alan Raitt married Susan N. Wesson in the thrid quarter of 1976 in Shropshire. Gordon Raitt married Harriet A. Burke in the second quarter of 1986 in Brackley, Northamptonshire and the couple have two children Jamie Sinclair (born third quarter 1987 in Oxford) and Emily Constance (born fourth quarter 1989 in Brackley, Northamptonshire).

James Raitt (1779-1832)

William’s parents were James Raitt and Charlotte Alderstone who married in August 1803 in Newington St Mary, Surrey. The couple had a number of offspring (with the father being named James and the mother being named simply as Ann Charlotte in each case): Isabella, born 8 March 1805; William, born 26 Sept 1806 (see above); Charlotte, born 19 June 1808; James, born 21 Dec 1809; John Alexander, born 9 Aug 1811; Samuel, born 10 Oct 1813 (died 19 Nov 1814), Priscilla, born 16 Aug 1815 (presumably died); Priscilla Ann, born 23 Sept 1817; Samuel, born 29 June 1819 (died 28 April 1820); Hephzibah, born 24 April 1821 (died 21 January 1823); and Frederick, born 10 May 1824 - all were christened at Walworth Locks Fields Chapel, York St-Independents, Southwark, Surrey.

James appears to have died on 22 May 1832 aged 53 (thus born abt 1779) and was buried in Walworth, York Street, Lock’s Fields on 29 May 1832. His abode at the time of death was 19 Penton Row, Walworth Road, Walworth. The Death Duties Register for 1838 reveals that Jas Raitt died intesate and that Charlotte Raitt of Horsley St, Walworth was the administratrix. Charlotte died in the third quarter of 1851 at Missionary Place, Walworth St Peter, aged 73 (thus born abt 1778). Although the 1851 census implies she was born in Hornlake, Oxfordshire, I have not yet been able to find her birth.

As for James Raitt - I would think that he was almost certainly Scottish, and maybe went to London for fame and fortune. According to his death record, he was born about 1779 - there seem to be only three James Raitts born around that time - all in Scotland! There is James Raitt, son of Alexander Raitt, baptized 30 April 1778 in Monquihitter, Aberdeenshire; James Raitt, son of Alexander Raitt and Ann Napier, baptized 9 April 1779 in St Vigeans, Angus; and James Raitt, son of William Raitt and mother surname Pettrie, baptized 24 May 1779 in Garvock, Kincardineshire. Given that the name Alexander does not seem to have been taken down the generations, while William has, then maybe the odds favour James to be the one from Kincardine (I have been unable thus far to ascertain his mother’s forename.)

The 1841 census for Port Street, St Mary Newington, Surrey has Charlotte Raitt, 64, stay maker, born outside county; daughter Priscilla, 23, stay maker, born Surrey; and son Frederick, 15, oilman, born Surrey.

The 1851 census for Missionary Place, St Mary Newington, Surrey has Charlotte Raitt, 72, widow, formerly baker, born Hornlake, Oxfordshire; daughter Charlotte, 42, employed servant, born Walworth, Surrey; and daughter Priscilla, 32, stay maker, born Walworth. It may be that the census actually means that Charlotte was the wife of someone (i.e. husband James) who had been a baker like his namesake son, rather than that she herself was a baker when earlier she had been a stay maker.

In the 1861 census for 7 Missionary Place, St Mary Newington, we find Charlotte Raitt, 53, born Walworth, seamstress, living with sister Priscilla, 43, born Walworth, also a seamstress. Charlotte Raitt died in the fourth quarter of 1884 aged 77 in Wandsworth, London; while Priscilla died in the first quarter of 1888 in Camberwell, London, aged 70.

In the 1861 census for 7 Missionary Place, St Mary Newington, we find Charlotte Raitt, 53, born Walworth, seamstress, living with sister Priscilla, 43, born Walworth, also a seamstress. Charlotte Raitt died in the fourth quarter of 1884 aged 77 in Wandsworth, London; while Priscilla died in the first quarter of 1888 in Camberwell, London, aged 70.

The eldest son of James and Charlotte Raitt was James, born 21 December 1809 in Walworth, Southwark, Surrey. He died aged 82 in the first quarter of 1892 in St George Hanover Square, London. Interestingly, his wife Jane died a few months later  in St George Hanover Square in the third quarter 1892, also aged 82. James seems to have married Jane Randall in the third quarter of 1845 in Poplar, London - which possibly implies that either James was married before or else daughter Jane was born before they decided to marry.

It is not yet found where James was in the 1841 census. However, in the 1851 census for 14 Humberston Street, St George in the East, Middlesex, we find James Raitt, 41, small goods baker, born Walworth, Surrey; wife Jane, 41, born Shadwell, Middlesex; and children Jane, 13, born Aldgate, Middlesex; and William, 2, born St George in the East, Middlesex.

In the 1861 census for 15 Broadway, St Margarets, Westminster, London we have Thomas Raitt, 51, baker, born Walworth, Surrey; wife Jane, 51, born St George in the East; and children: William, 12, scholar, born St George in the East - Bloomsbury; and Hepzabah, 8, scholar, born St George in the East - Bloomsbury. Quite why James should have become Thomas is unclear! Daughter Hepzibah was baptized on 7 January 1854 in St Margaret, Westminster - presumably after her equally unusually named deceased aunt.

In the 1871 census for Victoria Yard (actually 12 Broadway), St Margaret, St George Hanover Square, there is James Raitt, 61, baker, born Walworth, Surrey; wife Jane, 61, born Wapping, Middlesex; and son William, 22, gilder, born St George in the East, Middlesex.

In the 1881 census for 31 New Tothill Street, St Margaret and St John the Evangelist, Westminster, St George Hanover Square we find James Raith, 71, baker (unemployed), born Walworth; and wife Jane, 71, born Wapping.

In the 1891 census still at 31 New Tothill Street, we have James Raitt, 84, retired baker living on own means with assistance from St Mary’s, born Walworth; wife Jane, 81, born Wapping Wall, Middlesex.

James and Jane’s son William seems to have married widow Annie Collings. At home in earlier censuses, in the 1881 census for 23 Munster Square, St Pancras, there is William F. Raith, 32, married, carver and gilder, born St George in the East, Middlesex, living in the household of Annie Collings, head, widow, 29, formerly servant, born Islington; and her son William J. Collings, 6, scholar, born St Lukes, Middlesex.

In the 1891 census for 114 Robert Street, St Pancras, London we have William F. Raitt, 42, boarder, married, gilder for pictures and canvas, born Whitechapel, Middlesex. He is in the household of Annie Raitt, head, widow, 39, living on own means, born Clerkenwell; and her children: William J., 16, druggists assistant, born Shoreditch; Frederick J., 9, born Shoreditch; Annie E., 7, scholar, born Shoreditch; and Elizabeth, 5m, born St Pancras.

In the 1901 census for 175 Albany Street, St Pancras, London there is William F. Raitt, 52, married, carver and gilder, born St George in the East, London; wife Annie, 49, born Islington, London; children Frederick J., 15, commercial clerk, born St Luke’s, Middlesex; Elizabeth M., 10, born St Pancras; and James, 7, born St Pancras.

In the 1911 census at Tooting Common, Wandsworth, William Raitt, aged 61, married, carver and gilder, is a patient in a lunatic asylum. His family is at the same address as in 1901; Annie Raitt, 59, born Islington; children: Frederick James, 25, clerk in a metal works; Elizabeth Maud, 20, shorthand typist; James, 17, apprentice to metal worker - all born St Pancras. In the 1939 Register Frederick J. Raitt, born 4 January 1885 is a printers buyer at estimating clerk living at 104 District Road, Wembley with his wife Agnes E. E, born 21 June 1878 and doing unpaid domestic duties.

James and Charlotte’s son John Alexander Raitt married Sarah Bridges in Holborn, London in the third quarter of 1847. She was baptized on 2 April 1815 in Southwark, Surrey and died aged 59 in the fourth quarter of 1874 in Islington. John died in Clerkenwell in the second quarter of 1857.

In the 1851 census for 40 Upper Rosomon Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex there is John Raitt, 39, baker, born Newington; wife Sarah, 34, born Christchurch, Surrey; and son Edwin, 1.5 years, born Clerkenwell.

In the 1861 census for 3 Wellington Street, St James Clerkenwell we have Sarah Raitt, 44, widow, needlewoman, born Surrey; and sons Edward, 11, errand boy, born Clarkenwell; and George, 6, scholar, born Clerkenwell.

In the 1871 census for 5 Tysoe Street, St James, Holborn, London there is Sarah Raitt, 54, born Christchurch, Hampshire; sons Edward, 21, brass warehouseman; and George H., 16, porter - both born Clerkenwell.

An Edward Raitt married (wife name unknown) in the third quarter of 1880 in Camberwell, however, the family is not yet found in 1881. In 1891 though Edward Raitt was living at 40 Probert Road, Brixton, Lambeth, London. He was aged 41, a widower, born Clerkenwell, and working as a lead merchants clerk. In the household with him was son Edward Henry, 7, scholar, born Brixton, Middlesex; mother-in-law Sarah Jerrard, 71, born Romford, occupied as home keeper domestic servant; and visitor Sarah Gerrard, 57, born Broad Chalk, Wiltshire, living on own means. I assumed initially that this was Sarah Snr’s daughter, i.e. Edward’s sister-in-law, but in fact I believe it is actually Sarah Snr’s daughter-in-law!

Edward married Frances Matilda Pearson in the third quarter of 1891 in Lambeth. In the 1901 census for 97 Appach Road, Lambeth, London we find Edward Raitt, 51, clerk lead merchant, born Clerkenwell; new wife Francis, 41, born Marylebone, Middlesex; son Edward, 17, clerk potters, born Brixton; daughter Margery, 6, born Lambeth; step daughters, Annie Pearson, 19, born St James, Middlesex; and Amy Pearson, 16, milliner, born St James; and mother-in-law Elizabeth Schalck, widow, 69, born Westminster. The family is not yet found in the 1911 census.

Son Edward Henry Raitt seems to have married Ellen Elizabeth Rowlinson in Southwark, London in the first quarter of 1912. Their son Edward N. Raitt was born in the fourth quarter of 1917 in Wandsworth, London. Edward Henry obviously followed in his father’s footsteps for in the 1939 Register we find Edward H. Raitt, born 13 October 1883 occupied as an estimating clerk with a lead manufacturer; and wife Ellen E. Raitt, born 4 July 1885 working as a waitress in a restaurant.

John Alexander and Sarah’s son, George Henry, born in the fourth quarter of 1854 in Clerkenwell died in Holborn in the first quarter of 1891 aged 36. He appears to have married in the first quarter of 1888 in Lambeth either Mary Phyllis Hodge or Louis Haley.

I will endeavour to track down these earlier people!