Raitt families in 1841 and 1851

Raitts in Angus


In Fore Abbey Street is Cathrine Rait, aged 70 and independent. This could possibly Catherine Dormand born in 1771 in Inverkeilor who married Andrew Raitt in St Vigeans in 1797 (see below under St Vigeans, Boysack Moor.) She is not to be found in the 1851 census, so presumably she had died in the meantime.

While living at Back Abbey Street is Ann Raitt, aged 50 and working as a hand yarn spinner; with probably her son, Thomas, age 20 and a blacksmith journeyman. Both were born in Angus, but it is not immediately apparent who they are. They don’t seem to be in the 1851 census.

In Maule Street, Adam Raitt, aged 25, a flax dresser journeyman is living with his wife Ann, also 25. This will be the son born 22 May 1813 in Arbroath to David Raitt and Isabel Rhind who married in 1808. Adam married Ann Sutherland, born 1821 in St Vigeans, on 26 September 1840 in St Vigeans. His brother Alexander is living in East Mill Wynd (see below). In 1851 Adam (35), is a machine flax dresser living with wife Ann (39) and daughter Ann (6) in Cairnie Street.

Living in East Mill Wynd is Alexander Raitt, aged 25 and a flax dresser together with his wife Anne, 20 and children: Mary, 3; Isabella, 2; and Alexander, 2 months. All born in Angus. This is the Alexander born in 1815 to David Raitt and Isabel Rhind – thus the brother of  Adam above in Maule Street.  His wife Anne  is Ann Mill born in 1814 in St Vigeans where they married on 7 April 1837. In 1851 the family has moved to 1 Rose Bank, St Vigeans; Alexander (35) is a machine flax dresser. In the household are also wife Ann (33, born Mearnshire) and children Isabella (11), Alexander (9) and James (7).

Another Alexander Raitt is living in Glover Street. Aged 40, he is a ship master and in the household is his wife Marion, aged 35; and their children: James, 13; Susan, 11; Alexander, 8; and Mary Ann, 3.  This is the son, born 9 November 1799 in Arbroath, to Alexander Raitt and Susan Millar who married in 1796. He is the brother to John Raitt (see below). Marion is Mary Stormont, born in 1801 in Arbroath where they married on 21 January 1826. Alexander had died in 1846, but in 1851 his widow Mary (50) was living at 39 Glover Street with sons James (23) journeyman boot and shoemaker, and Alexander (17), apprentice seaman, and daughter Mary Ann (13), scholar.

In Lady Loan, Ann Raitt is a female servant aged 30. She could be either the daughter of James Raitt and Isobel Brown born 1812 in St Vigeans or of David Raitt and Margaret Chapel born December 1809 in St Vigeans. In fact, she is likely to be the latter’s - the Ann Rait, aged 42 in the 1851 census living at 2 Dishlandtoun, Lady Loan with her sister Jane (see under David Rait below).

Another Ann Raitt is living in Long Row. She is aged 35 and a linen hand loom weaver. In the same household is Catharine Robb, aged 65. It looks as though this will be the woman who married James Raitt on 7 July 1800 in St Vigeans – in which case Ann is probably her daughter. James could possibly be the one born to Alexander Raitt and Ann Napier in 1779 in St Vigeans. By 1851 Catharine had probably died as she does not appear in the census. Ann does not seem to be there either - so maybe she married.

In Cairnie Street is the large family of David Raitt, aged 55 and a flax dresser. In the household is Helen, aged 40; and daughters Jean and Johan, both 20; and Isobell, 15 and Ann, 14 – all flax dressers; Hannah, 12; and sons William, 9; and David, 10 months. This is the family of David Raitt, born about 1787, and son of David Raitt and Margaret Watt and thus the brother of James and John above, and father of Adam. All these children except the youngest, David, are those with his first wife Isabel Rhind whom he married in 1808 and who died in 1835. Hannah and William both have Rhind as their middle name, while Jean is Jane Guild Raitt. Baby David is the son of David’s second wife Helen Whyte whom he married on 15 March 1839 in St Vigeans. In 1851 the family is living at Market Place; David (66) is a hand flax dresser master employing one boy and with his are his wife Helen (52) and children David (10) and John (7) – both scholars born in St Vigeans.

In Guthrie Port is James Raitt and his wife Elizabeth – he is a flax dresser aged 30, she is 25. In the household is also a young girl named Jean Webster, aged 5 – who she is is not clear. James, born 21 May 1811 in Arbroath is the eldest son of David Raitt and Isabel Rhind (see above). Elizabeth is Elizabeth Mann Scrimgeour whom he married on 19 September 1834.  In 1851 the couple is living in Cairnie Street. David is 39 and a machine flax dresser, Elizabeth is 40 – both born in Arbroath. Elizabeth was born on 23 March 1817 to Peter Scrimgeour and Isabel Littlejohn.

Living at South Grimsby is John Raitt, a carter, aged 80. It is not yet known exactly which John Raitt this is and who he is related to. He died, though, on 18 October 1846 and is laid before Alexander Meekison’s stone in Arbroath - which may indicate a relationship with the Meikisons or it may just be a marker reference.

Resident in Dishlandtown Street, Lady Loan is David Rait, 65, a linen hand loom weaver. Living with him are his children: Jane, 35; Agnes, 25; Mary, 20; and Helen, 9. The three elder girls are all linen hand loom weavers, while Helen is a dress maker. Also in the household is 9 year old Margaret Wallace. David was  baptized on 22 January 1774 in St Vigeans - son of Francis Raitt and Jean Watt (see above under his brother James Raitt of Grange Conon). David is the widower of Margaret Chapel (born 1774) whom he married on 20 December 1800 and who died on 17 August 1840. The age of Helen should be rather 19 than 9, as she was born in July 1820. The Margaret Wallace is David’s granddaughter by his daughter Elizabeth (born 1807). An Elizabeth (Betty) Rait married Andrew Wallace on 5 July 1831 and their daughter Margaret was baptized in St Vigeans on 13 September 1831. David Raitt had died in 1845. In 1851 some of David and Margaret’s children were still around. Shipmaster Jonathan was presumably at sea, but Jane Raite and Ann Raitt, both unmarried, are living together at 20 Dishlandtoun (probably still at the same address as in 1841). Jane (48) is a handloom weaver, while Ann (42) is a house servant. Also in the household is  their niece Margaret Wallace, 19, a steam loom weaver, born in St Vigeans and daughter of sister Elizabeth.

In Bakers Wynd, Robert Rait, age 40 is a flax hand loom weaver; living with him is his wife Janet, aged 45. This is presumably the Robert Rait who married Janet Gilbreathe on 9 March 1822. They don’t seem to have had any children immediately thereafter and who they are has not yet been ascertained. Neither Robert nor Janet appear to be in the 1851 census for anywhere.

Living at Barngreen number 18 is Margaret Rait, 50 years old and a grocer. With her is John Grant, 3 – probably a grandchild. In fact a John Grant was baptized in St Vigeans on 5 May 1838 and his parents were Thomas Grant and Ann Rait who married in Arbroath on 11 November 1836. Margaret could be Margaret Sheriff who married William Rait in St Vigeans on 8 November 1813. In  which case Ann might be their daughter. No further details were found. In the 1851 census, Margaret is 59, a widow, still at the same address and still a grocery merchant. She was born in  Friockheim. John Grant is no longer there, but there is a Margaret Grant aged 6, who is identified as her granddaughter. She was christened in St Vigeans on 25 August 1844 to Thomas Grant and Ann Raitt and significantly her middle name is Sheriff. In fact further delving in the 1841 census reveals that Thomas Grant, aged 25 and a flax dresser is living with wife Ann, aged 20 and son James, aged 1. They are living in Barngreen – so very close to her mother!

Next door at Barngreen number 20 is James Rait, 20, a canvas weaver; and in the household is his wife Elspet, 25 and son William aged 2. Elspet is Elspeth Craig whom James married in St Vigeans on 1 December 1837 and where William was baptized on 12 May 1839. James may very well be a son of Margaret Rait next door – but details of his birth were not found. The 1851 census shows that the family (now Raitt) is still living in the same place with the addition of sons James, 9 and Joseph, 6 – both born in St Vigeans. William, now 11, is a flax dresser (machine). Both James and Elspet were born in St Vigeans – Elspeth is 36, but James is an oil cloth maker aged 39, so the 1841 census age was incorrectly read.

In Hannah Street, is my ancestor John Raitt, a merchant seaman, aged 35. Also in the household is his wife Elizabeth, aged 30; their children: Margaret, 7; John, 3; and James 8 months. Also living with them is John’s sister Susan Raitt, aged 35. Elizabeth is Elizabeth Dorward, born 20 June 1808 in Arbroath and married on 1 March 1833. John was born on 17 September 1805, and Susan on 4 August 1803. Susan was married at this time to Alexander Croal who was probably away at sea – her name may have been recorded as Raitt instead of Croal by mistake because she was related. In 1851 the family was living at 15 Hannah Street, Ladyloan with John aged 45, a seaman and his wife Elizabeth, 42. Also there are children Margaret (17), powerloom weaver; John (15), machine flax dresser; James (10) doing housework; David (5) and at school; and Elizabeth aged 1. In the same house is Elizabeth Snr’s mother Margaret Dorward (nee Philips) and two of her sons: David (56) and James (45) Dorward – both sailors.


Living in the Village of Carnoustie is William Raitt, a shoemaker aged 20, born in Angus. With him is 30 year old Margaret Raitt who is his wife. They were married in Barry on 17 October 1840 and her maiden name was Margaret Key. She is probably the  one born in Barry on 11 March 1811 (baptized 17 March) to William Key and Agnes Cant. William and Margaret subsequently had two children in Barry: James Reat, born 6 September 1841, and Mary Ann Reat born 17 May 1843 (baptized 9 July). It is difficult to be sure which William Raitt this is – though the 1851 census would reveal his place of birth. In fact, the 1851 census shows them to be in the village of Redford, Carmyllie. William Rait, aged 32, a shoemaker employing two men; wife Margaret aged 37; and children Agnes, 5; Elizabeth, 3; and Robert, 1. The children were born in Carmyllie; Margaret was born in Barry; and William was born in Panbride. This means that he will be the William Rait born on 2 March 1819 (baptized 6 March 1819) to William Rait and Elizabeth Petrie who married in Panbride on 4 August 1816. William and Margaret’s other two older children, James (9) and Mary Ann (7), both scholars, are living still in Carnoustie, Barry with their grandfather William Rait, 66, who is also a shoemaker, and three daughters.


At Greenpice, we find John Rait, a farmer aged 35, with his wife Mary Petrie, aged 40, and their children: William, 12; and Mary, 7. All born in Angus – in fact the two children were born in Carmyllie in 1829 and 1834. The marriage of John and Mary was not found. In the 1851 census a Mary Raitt aged 49, farmer’s wife, born Arbroath, was a patient at an institution in Montrose. The others do not seem to be anywhere.

At Cononsyth Farm, there is another John Rait, an agricultural labourer aged 40, with his wife Ann White, aged 35. Both were born in Angus John Rait and Ann Whyte were married in Carmyllie on 10 June 1826 and appear to have had no children born there. John (52) and Ann (49) are still there in 1851 – he is the owner of 250 acres and employed 15 labourers. He was born in Kinnel, whilst his wife was born in Carmyllie. She will be the Ann Whyte born on 4 July 1801 (baptized 5 July) to Patrick Whyte and Elizabeth Storrier who married in Carmyllie on 16 August 1800. John will probably be the John Raitt born in Kinnell on 22 February 1799 (baptized 24 February) to William Raitt and Isobel Leisk who married there on 24 June 1796.

And living at Cononsyth by herself is a Mrs Rait, aged 60, and occupied as a hand linen spinner. She is still there in 1851, a widow aged 78 and a labourer - field work. We learn her name is Isabella and that she was born in Inverkeilor. She is probably, then, the mother of the above John Rait. Neither her birth nor death records were found.


The Reat family lived at 31 Princes St in Dundee. The household comprised Peter Reat, a warper aged 25; his wife Morrison, aged 25; and their son John, aged 1. The census does not record where they were born and a cursory check does not reveal this either, nor when and where Peter and his wife were married (though one could assume it was about 1840 and probably in Dundee). They don’t seem to be in the 1851 census.

In Overgate, Dundee lived Thomas Rait, a baker aged 35; his wife Margaret, aged 25; and son James aged 2. All were born in Angus. This will be the Thomas Rait who married Margaret Millar in Dundee on 8 May 1838. While James’s date of birth alludes us, the couple had several other children. In the 1851 census, the family are at the same address (8, Overgate) and Thomas is a master baker employing four men. In the household are Thomas, 47, born Liff parish near Dundee; wife Margaret, 39, born Dundee; and children James, 19; Mary Ann, 12; Thomas, 9; David, 7; Betsey, 5; and Margaret, 1 - all children born Dundee.

Living at Crichton St W Side was Walker Rait, a ship agent aged 32 and his wife Helen, aged 30 – both born in Angus. Walker, in fact, was born in Dundee on 6 April 1809 (baptized 9 April) to David Rait and Janet Moncur who appear to have been married there on 12 August 1793 (see below). Walker married Helen Sturrock in Dundee on 20 June 1836. They do not seem to be in the 1851 census. In fact Walker may have succumbed to illness - he seems to have been the Secretary of the Operative Mason Lodge of Dundee no. 47 and as such wrote a letter on 12 May 1842 to Lord Panmure, Provincial Grand Master of Forfarshire, to which the latter responded to on 16 May 1842 referring to Walker’s present state of health.

Residing at Lark Hall, in the household of farmer James Chalmers, is David Rait, 75 years old and independent, and born in Angus. He might be the father of James’s wife Helen. The marriage, in Dundee at least, of James and Helen nor the births of their elder children were not found – however, the youngest child in the census is George Chalmers, aged four months. There is a record of a George Bower Chalmers being born in Dundee on 15 January 1841 to James Chalmers and Janet Rait. He does not seem to be in the 1851 census and thus has probably died.

There is another David Rait living at Rosebank St North Side – he is aged 60 and a linen hand loom weaver. In the same household is Elizabeth Smith, also 60 and presumably his wife. There are also three children, David Rait, 30; Thomas, 25; and William, 20 – all are handloom workers and born in Angus. A David Rait did marry an Isabell Smith on 23 July 1800 in Dundee – and they did have son David born there on 19 Oct 1806, son Thomas born there on 22 Aug 1810,and son William born there on 30 Oct 1814. In the 1851 census for 5 Rosebank Street, Dundee is David Raitt, 72, bellman; wife Isabella, 73; and sons David, 40, unmarried, hand look weaver; and Thomas, 37, unmarried, starcher - all born Dundee. Maybe Elizabeth in the 1841 census is a mistake for Isobel.

In Thomson Street, yet another David Rait, 73 and independent is living with presumably his wife Janet Rait, aged 68, also independent – both were born in Angus. This couple might very well be the parents of Walker Rait mentioned above, Janet Rait being Janet Moncur (married 12 August 1793 in Dundee). David and Janet had several other children born in Dundee – in fact seven of the nine children born to Raitts there during this period were those of David and Janet. In 1851 a Janet Rait, widow, aged 78, born Balderan, Angus was living at 20 Seafield Road, Liff, Dundee.

Isabella Rait was an occupant in Hilltown West Side. She was aged 70 and born in Angus. In the same house was Ann Lishman, a wynder aged 45 – also born in Angus. An Anne Leachman was born to George Leachman and Isabell Rait in Dundee on 2 April 1793 (baptized on 7 April 1793). For other children with Isabell Rait, George is recorded as Leechman and Lishman – so one could assume that Ann is Isabella’s daughter. No marriage date was found. In the 1851 census, Isabella is not there, but still in Hilltown living at 125 Anons Land is Anne Leishman, aged 58, unmarried,born Dundee.

In Perth Road, Margaret Rait, age 20, is living as a female servant with two elderly sisters named Collier. Margaret was born outside the census county. By 1851 the Collier sisters had probably died as they are no longer to be found, while Margaret had probably married as she is not to be found either.

Also living alone (well, with a couple of female servants) is Jessy Raitt, aged 70, born in Angus and resident at Shore Terese. By 1851 Jessy (Janet?) had probably also passed away.

There are two families living in Dudhope Terrace. David Raitt is a clerk aged 45, born in Angus. Also in the household is Marjory Raitt, aged 65, born outside the county. She is probably his mother. Living in the same street is Helen Raitt, aged 20, a female servant (born in Angus) in the household of the local grocer and his family. David could be the David Rait born in Dundee on 14 May 1796 to James Rait and Marjory Jamieson who married there on 13 March 1793. Who Helen is is not clear as there seems to be no birth record – she could be a daughter of David. If Marjory is the Marjory Jamieson baptized on 3 July 1770 in Bellie, Morayshire to John Jamieson and Jannet Kelman then she is a long way from home. No-one seems to be around in 1851 - Marjory was probably dead and Helen probably married. David may have emigrated.

Finally, living at West Port is the family of George Rait, a 30 year old confectioner. With him is his wife Christina, also 30; and children Georgina, 4; Margaret, 3; Christina, 2; and Isabella, 6 months. Everyone was born in Angus. Wife Christina’s maiden name was Christian Cairncross and they married in Dundee on 23 Nov 1836. She was born in 1808 in Dundee, and George could be the son born to David Rait in Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie and baptized on 24 April 1808. In fact the only children (seven of them) born in this place around that date were born to David Rait. Another son, could be the John Raitt living in Liff and Benvie (see below). The family is in the 1851 census living at 5 West Port. George is a grocer aged 42, and born in Liff. Christina is also 42 and born in Dundee. Children in the household include George (13), Margaret (12), Christina (11), Isabella (10), Jessie (actually Janet, 5) William (3) and Thomas (2) – all are scholars and all were born in Dundee. The Georgina aged 4 and described as female in the 1841 census, actually turns out to be the son George in the 1851 census – the birth record confirms the sex.

There is also a family in Dundee who may be surnamed Rate (also indexed as Bate and Bale!). Looking at the census image myself and comparing the initial letter to other entries, then it might be Rate - hence the inclusion here. Living in Dudhope Wynd, Dundee is Archibald Rate, aged 30, hand loom weaver; wife Mary, 30; and children Mary, 6; and Archibald, 3 - everyone born in Angus. The family is elusive in the 1851 census whichever name is correct!


David Rait is a farmer aged 45 at Ailiston, along with his wife Ann aged 30 – both born in Angus. This is probably the David Rait and Ann Stewart who married in Inverkeilor on 5 October 1839. They seem not to be anywhere in 1851.

Helping out on the W Muirhouse farm of David Young is female servant Isabel Rait aged 15, born in Angus. She may be a daughter of John Raitt and Jane Beattie (see above under South Muir of Colliston.) It looks as though she may be married by 1851.

Working as an agricultural labourer on David Beattie’s farm at Burnside is William Rait, aged 15, born Angus. This may be the same William Rait in the 1851 census working as an agricultural labourer aged 27 on the farm of John Lawson, aged 32 and unmarried, at Cotton of Gardyne, Kirkden. William is described as the half brother of John who was baptized on 29 December 1818 to John Lawson and Jean Gibson (who married on 12 September 1818). Also in the household is Jean Gibson, 49, widow and housekeeper; and two cousins to John, George (16) and John (10) Kyd. Jean is listed as mother to John. All were born in Kirkden. A little further delving reveals that these two boys were born to George Kidd/Kydd and Agnes Gibson who married in 1829. No birth date was found for Agnes, but presumably she is the sister of Jean who was baptized on 31 August 1801 in Kirkden to Henry Gibson. Jean must have divorced her husband John because she married Alexander Rait in Kirkden on 6 December 1823 and thus is the mother of the William in the census (though his birth date was not found.) William married Isabella Martin in 1851. Like his ex-wife, John Lawson married again - Jean Peter in Kirkden in 1822 and they had children. George and Agnes Kyd plus many children including George and John are at Cotton of Gardyne, Kirkden in 1841. Also at the same place in 1841 were John Lawson, age 20, farmer; Jean Gibson, 35; and Isabel Gibson, 70. Isabel might very well be Jean’s mother and wife of Henry Gibson. There was a Henry Gibson who married an Isabel Smith in St Vigeans on 13 June 1795 (which may have been where Agnes was born).

One family conspicuous by their absence in Inverkeilor in 1841 are the Raits of Anniston House. James Rait had married Lady Clementina Drummon Ogilvy, daughter of David Ogilvy, 4th Earl of Airlie and Clementina Drummond, on 17 July 1838 in Inverkeilor. Their oldest child, Arthur George was born there in 1839 and the next in 1843. However, since James was a military man, then possibly he was elsewhere on a posting and his family, who  probably did not accompany him, were possibly visiting relatives out of the county. The census shows that various housemaids, servants, gardeners and agricultural workers were living in Anniston House, Anniston Lodge and Anniston Farm at the time - presumably keeping an eye on the place while the master was away. However, the family is to be found there in the 1851. Living at Anniston House, Inverkeilor, are James Rait, widower, aged 45, landed proprietor and JP, born Inverkeilor; and his children Agnes, 6; Gertrude, 5; and William, 3 – all born Inverkeilor. In the household are various servants including butlers and nursery maids. Clementina had died in 1848 and possibly Arthur had died too – since there is no record of their deaths then perhaps they died overseas.

Liff and Benvie

Living at Backmuir is John Raitt, 30, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Margaret Kidd, aged 35, plus their children: Barbra, 8; David, 5; Julia, 3; and John, 2. All born in Angus. Also in the household is William Kidd, 30, linen hand loom weaver. He is presumably Margaret’s brother. John Raitt and Margaret Kidd were married on 26 June 1831 in Liff, Benvie and Invergowrie. John could very well be the one baptized there on 15 June 1806 to David Rait (see above under George Rait living in West Port, Dundee). Part of the family is still in Backmuir in the 1851 census. Margaret, 49, born Dundee, is a widow farming 9 acres; in the household with her are children Julia, 14, scholar, born Liff; and Helen, 9, also scholar born Liff. It looks as though son David, 15, born Liff, might be a lodger at 27 Park Wynd West Side, Dundee where he was a shoemaker apprentice. Of Barbra there is no sign, so she may have married early. See also the Raitts of Liff, Benvie & Invergowrie page for more individuals.


At West Balgillo, there is Elizabeth Rait, aged 75 and a farmer. In the household are presumably her children: Ann, 45; Elizabeth, 40; and Barbra, 35. These could all be the daughters born in Monifeith to William Raitt. Ann has the mother Elizabeth Millar – and an individual of that name married William Reat in Monifeith on 7 January 1785. Ann Rait was born 1788; Elizabeth Raitt in 1795; and Barbara Raitt in 1799 (so the census ages do not tally closely with real ages). Another daughter Margaret Rait was born to them (both parents named) in 1785.  In the 1851 census, sisters Elizabeth (50) and Barbara Rait (45) are now living in Hill Street – both are described as farmer’s daughters and appear to have been born in Monifeith. Ann (52) would appear to be in the household of George Millar (65) – a farmer, who could be her uncle.


Living at Denfind is Ann Rait, aged 25, born in Angus and a female servant on the farm of Thomas Kerr. She has obviously moved on and possibly married by 1851.


Living at number 87 Murray St is John Rate, aged 55, working as a baker journeyman, born in Angus; with him is his wife Susan, aged 55, born outside the county; and presumably their daughter Isabella, aged 14, who was also born in Angus. They don’t seem to be anywhere in 1851.

In Murray Lane is Charles Raith, a 55 year old labourer, born outside the census county. By 1851 he must have moved on - but apparently not in Scotland.

Living in Castle St, is Rachel Raite, aged 66 and a spirit dealer born outside the county so she is possibly a widow and has taken in lodgers because in the same household are three sailors (in the Merchant Service). No record was found of any male Raite (or similar) marrying anyone called Rachel in Montrose. In the 1851 census, Rachel Raith is 75, a widow living alone, occupation spirit dealer, living at 36 Wharf Street. She was born in Glenbervie, Kincardineshire. There was only one Rachel born there around 1776 and that is Rachel Walker baptized on 12 April 1774 to Andrew Walker. Rachel and William Rait married in Glenbervie on 8 March 1800. William could be the one baptized on 8 June 1772 in Marykirk, Kincardineshire to William Rait and Ann Petrie; or the one baptized on 1 July 1773 in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire to John Rait – or indeed any of the others born in Dundee, Kinnell and St Vigeans around the same date.

In Apple Wynd, we find Mary Rait, aged 63 and independent, born Angus. In 1851 living at 3 Fraser Street, Montrose there is a widowed Mary Rait, aged 76, born Marykirk, Kincardineshire who is dependent on her children. At the same address, presumably a tenement, are several paupers.

And finally, living in Ferry Street is army pensioner George Raith, aged 77; and presumably his wife Ann, aged 60. Both were born outside the census county. In 1851, living at 5 Shore Wynd, Montrose, in the Nichol household, we find Ann Raith, 74, widow and pauper soldier’s wife, born Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. She is the mother-in-law to the head of the household who is a sailor and obviously away. His wife, Elizabeth, 40, is thus presumably Ann’s daughter although she seems to have been born in Ireland. With them are children Mary, 13, dress maker apprentice; Alexander,10, scholar; Elizabeth, 8, scholar; and William, 1 - all born in Montrose. (In the 1841 census for Waterside, Montrose there is a Nichol family with sons Alexander, 25, and Richard, 20) being merchant seamen. I would hazard a guess that Alexander is the husband given the name of a son. In fact an Alexander Nicol was born to Alexander Nicol and Elizabeth Reith in Montrose on 6 Nov 1840).


Running a farm at Lowtown of Balmachie is Margaret Rait, a farmer aged 36; in the household are her children: David, 8; Ann, 6; Elisabeth, 3; and Isabella, 10 months. All were born in Angus. Margaret is probably Margaret Paterson who married William Rait on 29 July 1831 in Panbride. Their four children were the only ones born in Panbride in this period. Given that two of the children have Mitchell as their middle name, then Marjory could be the one born 9 April 1806 to John Paterson and Agnes Mitchell. The birth date and place of William Rait is not certain. In 1851 the only Rait in Panbride is Ellen Rait aged 12 – a house servant in the household of agricultural labourer, James Fleming, living at Frith. Ellen was born in St Vigeans, thus the chances are that she is the Helen Rait baptized on 13 August 1838 to David Raitt and Mary Steele (see above under St Vigeans – Gowan Bank – David Raith.)

St Vigeans

Working as an agricultural labourer at Boysack Moor is Andrew Rait, aged 70. Also in the household is his son Andrew, aged 30; his daughter Jess (Janet), aged 25 – both linen hand loom weavers; and his sister Helen , aged 65, who is a female servant. Andrew Reat was born in Carmyllie on 12 March 1771 to John Reat and Mary Leslie (Helen was baptized on 2 April 1773). John was the son of Alxander Rait and Margaret Archibald who married in Inverarity and Methy on 6 July 1732. Andrew married Catharine Dormand on 9 September 1797 in St Vigeans and, besides the Andrew and Janet in the 1841 census, had two other children Charles and David Rait (see below under Gowan Bank). The basic tree for this family can be found on the Angus Raitts page, but more detail on the descendants of the whole family can be found on the Low and Raitt Family Tree page. In the 1851 census, Andrew Raitt, 43, unmarried, and his equally unmarried sister Jannet, 39 - both hand loom weavers (linen), born St Vigeans, can be found living in Gowan Bank.

Living at Gowan Bank Village is David Raith, aged 26, a stone miner or quarrier. This is David Rait, son of the above Andrew Rait and Catharine Dormand, and baptized in St Vigean on 26 April 1814. In the household is wife Mary Raith, aged 30; and children: James, 6; David, 4 and Helen, 2. Mary’s maiden name was Steel and she was born in 1808 in Careston, Angus. By 1851, David was deceased, because the family is living Carnegie, Carmyllie. Mary Steel, 44 is a widow and pauper (formerly servant), born Careston. With her are children James Rait, 16, scholar, born Kirkden; Mary, 9, scholar, born St Vigeans; and William, 4, born Carmyllie. Daughter Helen may be the Ellen Rait, aged 12, born St Vigeans, working as a house servant in Firth, Panbride. Son David may be the apprentice sailor aged 18, born Panbride, and a lodger in Black’s Croft, Dundee.

Next door in Gowan Bank is David’s brother, Charles Raith, aged 25 and also a stone miner or quarrier. With him is his wife Jean, aged 25; and their son William, aged 6. Jean appears to be Jane Cant born in St Vigeans about 1815 and married there on 22 March 1834. Still in Gowan Bank in 1851 is Charles Raitt, 37, hand loom weaver (linen); wife Jane, 36; and son William, 16, hand loom weaver (linen) - all born St Vigeans.

Living at Grange Conon is farmer James Rait, aged 60; with wife Isobell, aged 55; and children: Alexander, 15; John, 15; and Agnas, 15 – all of whom are linen hand loom weavers. James married Isobel Brown on 3 August 1811 in St Vigeans. James is likely to be son born in 1777 to Francis Raitt and Jean Watt who married in St Vigeans on 5 August 1773. Since James and Isobel’s marriage was pledged in Inverkeillor in July 1811, then it is likely that Isobel came from there and indeed there is an Isabel Brown born 21 March 1777 (baptized 23 March) to William Brown and Isabel Thom. In the 1851 census for Grange of Conon, St Vigeans is Alexander Raitt, 29, pavement quarrier; wife Ann, 26; and daughter Isabell, 2 - all three born St Vigeans. An Alexander Raitt married Ann Cairrie in St Vigeans on 12 Nov 1847. Given the address and despite the discrepancy in census age, this is likely to be the same Alexander (age 15) - presumably he changed from being a weaver to a quarrier as did his brother William below.

Next door at Grange Conon is William Rait, aged 25, linen hand loom weaver; his wife Katrine, 25; and their children: Charles, 6; and Marey, 1 week old. William is the eldest son of the above James and Isobel Rait baptized in St Vigeans on 12 April 1814. His wife, whom he married on 29 May 1833 in St Vigeans, is Catherine Robbie, who, from later censuses, seems to have been born either in Dundee about 1812 or St Vigeans around 1814. In 1851 the family was still at Grange of Conon - William aged 35, born St Vigeans, is now quarrier; wife Cathrine, 37, also born in St Vigeans, as were the children Charles, 16, hand loom weaver; Mary, 9; and William, 3.

Then there are the four Raitt families in Colliston.

At Cotton of Colliston, there is James Raitt, a farmer aged 45; his wife Marjorie, aged 40; and their children: John S., aged 15 and a book closer; Margaret W., 13; Jess, 11; David, 9; Marjorie, 7; and Barbara, 5. All were born in Angus. James was baptized in St Vigeans on 7 April 1791 to David Raitt and Margaret Watt who married in 1776. It appears that James is the cousin of the above James Rait at Grange Conon – their fathers, David and Francis, being brothers and marrying sisters Marjory and Jean Watt. This James’s wife Marjorie is Marjory Sibbald, baptized in St Vigeans on 4 April 1798, and she and James married there on 26 April 1822. John S. Raitt is John Sibbald Raitt and Margaret W. Raitt is Margaret Watt Raitt. In the 1851 census, James, 60, is farming 65 acres at Cotton of Colliston together with his family: wife Marjory Sibbald, 52; Jessie, 23, unmarried; David, 21; and Barbara, 16. All were born in St Vigeans and the three children are all employed on the farm

Living apparently alone at Woodside of Colliston is Jean Raitt, 12, a female servant. It is not immediately clear who this might be. She is probably another daughter of John Raitt of South Muir of Colliston below who was living with him in 1851.

At South Muir of Colliston is John Raitt, a farmer aged 50; with his children: Margrett, 15; Ann, 13; William, 7; and David, 5. Also in the household is Jean Raitt, aged 55. John appears to be the brother of James at Cotton of Colliston and baptized on 22 May 1784. He married Jane Beattie in 1819 and following her death in 1830, married Barbara Matthew in 1831. It would seem that Jean Raitt is his (and James’s) sister, baptized 17 November 1780. The births of Ann (with Jane) and William (with Barbara) were not found; nor was the birth of another daughter, Isabella, born to John and Jane about 1824. She might be the female servant Isabel Rait aged 15 at W Muirhouse farm, Inverkeillor. In the 1851 census and living at Woodside of Colliston is John Rait, 65, widower and farmer of five acres, as well as a weaver, born Kirkden. In the household with him is daughter Jean, 21, unmarried, born Kirkden; and son William, 19, hand loom weaver, born Kirkden. This is clearly the same family. Where son David is in 1851 is not known.

And at West Muir of Colliston is another farmer, William Raitt, aged 60. This could be the William Raitt born in St Vigeans in 1781 to Alexander Raitt and Ann Napier – but on the face of it there is no immediate link between this family and the others farming in Colliston. So he could possibly be an unrecorded son of David Raitt and Margaret Watt and thus brother to the other Raitt farmers nearby. In the 1851 census, there is William Rait, 74, unmarried, born Kirkden, working as a farm labourer at Woodside of Colliston. His birthplace shows that he is related to the other Raitts in Colliston.

Living as an independent at Salmond Muir is Alexander Raitt, aged 35. He was born in Angus – but it is not known to whom. He could be the one born on 5 Feb 1807 in Inverkeillor to Alexander Raitt and Betty Steven. He doesn’t seem to be in the 1851 census.

For details on these families see the Raitts of Conon and Colliston page.

Raitts in Aberdeenshire


Living in Regent Quay, St Clements, Aberdeen is Isabel Raitt, age 10, a female servant, born Aberdeenshire. The record gives the Village or Island as Seaman or Mariners. Presumably she had married by the 1851 census.

Also living in St Clements, in Pork Lane, a male and female Rait, both 55, both independent, both born Aberdeenshire; and Ann Rait, age 23, born Aberdeenshire – presumably their daughter. The record gives the Village or Island as Seaman or Mariners. In the 1851 census for 30 Shop, Old Machar, there is a Peter Rait, aged 67, widower, born Pearth, Aberdeen who is a retired seaman. In the same household is his nephew Peter Ward, 18, shoemaker, born in Aberdeen. Peter Rait does not appear in the 1841 census – he was possibly at sea.  

Living in Jopps Lane, Melville, Aberdeen is Ann Rait, 50, independent, born Aberdeenshire. She does not seem to appear in the 1851 census.

Living in Catherine Street, John Knox, Aberdeen is Charles Rait, 30, wright, born Aberdeenshire; William Rait, 2, born Aberdeenshire; and an unnamed baby aged 8 days, also born Aberdeenshire. Living in the household also is Hellen Mitchel, 30, born Aberdeenshire - presumably the mother of the two children. In fact, the family is found in the 1851 census living at 61/62 Gerrard St, Aberdeen. Charles, 42, is a house carpenter, born Belhelvie; wife Helen, 43, was born at Skene; and children are William, 12, scholar, born Woodside; Margaret, 10, scholar; Barbara, 5, scholar; and Jean, 2 – the last three children were born in Aberdeen.

At Lower Denburn, South Parish, Aberdeen are Mary Rait, 15, female servant; Christian Rait, 14, female servant; Jean Rait, 13; and Euphemia Rait, 11 – all were born in Aberdeenshire. The place may be a linen factory because there are many others working there with occupations such as bonnet maker, carpet weaver, spinner, dyer, stocking maker etc. Euphemia does not appear in the 1851 census, thus it is likely she married – as are probably the others.

At the Boy’s Hospital, Greyfriars, Aberdeen James Rait, 11, born Aberdeenshire, is an inmate at school. And in the Girl’s Hospital, Greyfriars, Aberdeen Jessy Rait, 13, born Aberdeenshire is also an inmate at school. She does not appear in the 1851 census thus she may have married in the meantime. James does not appear either in Aberdeenshire, unless he is the James Rait, 22, born Ellon who is an agricultural labourer at Auld Yards, Logie Buchan, along with his wife Euphemia, 29, born Aberdeen; and son Alexander, 1, born Logie Buchan. James might be a brother to the Alexander Rate in Slains below.

In North St, Greyfriars, East Parish, Aberdeen, is Isabel Raitt, age 25, a female servant, born Aberdeenshire. In the 1851 census for 39 West North Street is an Isabella Raitt, 35, born Tarves, Aberdeenshire, an unmarried  servant in a merchant’s house.

Also in Greyfriars, at Shoe Lane, East Parish, Aberdeen is Barbara Raith, 35, milliner, born outside census county. This might just be her in the 1851 census for 29 Guestrow Webster’s Court, Aberdeen, aged 48, born Wick, Caithness and married to John Raitt, 58, mariner, born Aberdeen, who may have been at sea in 1841.

In Frederick Street, North Parish, Aberdeen, Mary Raith, 40, is a lodging house keeper, born Aberdeenshire. It is not clear where she is in 1851.

In Loch Street, Melville, West Parish, Aberdeen William Raith, 25, joiner journeyman, born outside census county, is residing. I should imagine this is William living in 1851 in 9 Esk Street, Craig, Montrose: William Raitt, 34, born St Cyrus, Kincardineshire, master carpenter employing two men. With him is his wife Helen Granger, 30, born Edinburgh; and children John, 2; and William, 7 months - both born Craig, Montrose.


Farming at Parkend, Fintray is Alexander Rait, 40, farmer, born Aberdeenshire; wife Ann, 25, born Aberdeenshire; and children Ellen, 6; John, 5; Alexander, 3; and William, 1 – all born Aberdeenshire. In the 1851 census, Allexander, 13, born Fintray, is a servant at Backhill, Fintray; while William, 10, born Fintray, is an agricultural servant on a farm at Posnet, Fintray. John Raitt, 15, born Fintray, is a lodger and day labourer on  farm in Rorandell, Monymusk and also a lodger and day labourer at the same address is Alexander Raitt,  56, born Fintray. Although it says that Alexander is unmarried, this may be John’s father, i.e. the same Alexander in 1841. If so, he is obviously not widowed, because Ann, 38, married, born Drumblade is a labourer’s wife and head of household in George Street, Inverurie which comprises daughter Helen, 16, born Fintray and two younger children: Ann, 9 and James, 6 – both also born Fintray.  


Farming at Dalwiry, Kintore-Old Parish, is the family of James Rait, 50, farmer, born Aberdeenshire; wife Agnes, 55, born outside census county; and children William, 25; Betsy, 25; Agnes, 20; James, 15; and Mary, 12 – all born Aberdeenshire. In the 1851 census on the same farm of 60 acres,  James is 64, born Kintore, a farmer employing two labourers; wife Agnes, 66, born Fettercairn, Kincardineshire; and children William, 39, agricultural labourer; Agnes, 30, house servant; and Mary, 21, also house servant - -all born Kintore. Meanwhile at Castle Forbes, Keig there is the other two children: James Rait, 27, unmarried, wood and farm overseer, born Kintore; and his unmarried sister Elisabeth, 35, housekeeper, also born Kintore.

Logie Buchan

Farming at Mains of Birness, Logie Buchan is Alexander Rait, 35, farmer, born Aberdeenshire; wife Elizabeth, 35, born Aberdeenshire; and children John, 8; Jean, 6; Christian, 4; and Charles, 1 – all born Aberdeenshire. On the same farm of 20 acres in 1851, is Alexander, 49, born Brechin, Angus; wife Elizabeth, 51, born New Deer; and children Charles, 11; and Robert, 7 – both scholars and born Logie Buchan. Son John, 17, born Ellon, may be a farm servant at Arthrath, Ellon; the other two girls are not immediately to been seen in Aberdeenshire or nearby in 1851.


At the address of Skelmonae in Methlick, which seems to be a farm, we have

Elisabeth Rait, 60, independent, born Aberdeenshire. In the household is also Margaret Garden, aged 4m, born Aberdeenshire, who may be a grandchild. Also at the same address is Margaret Rait, 55, independent, born Aberdeenshire. They don’t seem to be around in the 1851 census.

Old Machar

In Dee Village, Bon Accord, Old Machar there is Will Raitt, age 28, born outside the census county; wife Janet, 24, also born outside; son Will, 10m, born outside; and Eliz Raitt, 10, female servant, born outside. They are probably the same family in the 1851 census living at 4 Marywell Street, Old Machar where William, 38, is a teacher of English (reading), born Liff, Angus. In the household is wife Jessie, 34, born Errol, Perthshire; and children William, 12, scholar, born Dundee, Angus; Andrew E., 10, scholar, born Dundee, Angus;  David, 6, scholar, born Aberdeenshire (presumably Old Machar); and Thomas, 2, scholar, also born Aberdeenshire (presumably Old Machar); also in the household is Elizabeth Elder, 57, mother-in-law, visiting, born Inchture, Perthshire.

In North Lane, Old Machar is Agnes Rait, a 59 year old widow, born Aberdeenshire. She does not seem to be in the 1851 census for Aberdeenshire.

In Chapel Street, Gilcomston, Old Machar we find Mary Rait, 35, born Aberdeenshire; and presumably her four daughters, Agnes, 12; Jean 10; Elizabeth, 7; and Mary, 1  – all born Aberdeenshire. The family is still at 46 Chapel Street in the 1851 census. Mary Rait, 45, is a widow; Jane is 21; Elizabeth is 17; and Mary is 11 and a scholar at home – all were born in Aberdeen. Agnes is not present and since she appears nowhere else in Aberdeenshire, it is likely she married.

in 1841 at How of Mundurno - Parkhill East, Old Machar-Landward we find James Rait, 25, agricultural labourer; wife Christina Rait, 30; children William, 8; James, 7; and John, 4 – everyone born Aberdeenshire. Also in the household and classed as a lodger is Jane Marr, aged 2, born Aberdeenshire. Jane may be a relative, but she does not seem to be in the 1851 census. In the 1851 census for Springfield, Old Machar, we have James Raitt, head, married, 38, labourer; wife Christina Crighton, 45; sons: James, 16, labourer; George, 9, scholar; Alexander, 7, scholar; and Robert, 5, scholar; and daughter Jean, 2 - all born Old Machar. Son William, aged 17, born Old Machar, seems to be working as a farm servant in Banchory Devenick, Kincardineshire.

At Cloverhill, Murcar, Cloverhill East, Old Machar is William Rait, 55, crofter; wife Margaret, 55; and children William, 25; Margaret, 22; and Jane, 20 – everyone born Aberdeenshire. The family is still there in the 1851 census on a farm of 28 acres. Margaret, 68, is a widow, born Belhelvie; William, is unmarried, 33, and a farm servant, born Old Machar; daughters Margaret, 30 and Jane, 28 are also unmarried and general servants, both born Old Machar.

Living at 40 Hadden Street, Woodside, Old Machar is Isabella Raith, 60, independent, born outside census area; and possibly her daughter Elisabeth, 25, lint sorter, also born outside. They don’t seem to be in the 1851 census.

In the 1851 census for 8 College Street, Old Machar are two unmarried sisters named Rate - Christian,  26 and Janet, 20 - both wool mill operatives, born Aberdeenshire. They don’t seem to be anywhere in the 1841 census under the usual spelling variations.


At Hillhead, Slains, Alexander Rate, age 10, is an agricultural labourer, born Aberdeenshire. In the 1851 census he is probably the Alexander Rait, aged 19, born Ellon, who is an agricultural labourer at Knockbothie, Ellon in the 1851 census. He may thus be the brother of James Rait under Greyfriars, Aberdeen above.       


Living in Woodside, Strathdon in 1851 is James Rait,  19, tailor’s journeyman, born Aberdeen. He does not appear to be in the 1841 census, unless he is the pupil at school in Greyfriars.

Raitts in Kincardineshire

The Raitts in Kincardineshire comprise possibly only three families in five households in 1841. (See also the Kincardineshire Raitts page for additional families from the area.)

Living at Muirton in Benholm we have James Raitt and wife Elizabeth, both aged 80; he was an agricultural labourer, and both were born outside the county. They are not in Kincardineshire in 1851 – probably they were both dead by this time. A James Rait married an Elizabeth Lamb in Brechin, Angus on 7 July 1780 – assuming they were about 20 when they married, then this would fit. A son John was born to them in Brechin and christened on 28 October 1781. He does not appear in the 1841 census for anywhere.

Living at Hallgreen Bothie in Bervie is William Rait aged 21, an agricultural labourer, born in Kincardineshire. One could assume he is the William Rait born 31 May 1819 (chr 13 June 1819) to James Rait and Helen Cruikshank in Benholm and who had moved back home by the 1851 census (see below). James and Helen married in Benholm on 11 April 1813.

Also living in Bervie, at Cowgate, is James Raitt aged 15, a mason’s apprentice, and born outside the county of Kincardineshire. Since he is no longer in Kincardineshire in 1851, then it is not possible to see where he was born – but he possibly had moved back to his county of birth. He may be the son of Elizabeth Raitt in St Cyrus (see below).

In St Cyrus there are two families: living in the village of St Cyrus are Elizabeth Raitt, aged 40, working as a linen hand loom weaver, and born in Kincardineshire; with her is Alexander Raitt, aged 15, occupied as a salmon fisher, and born  outside the county. Possibly Alexander is Elizabeth’s son. They are no longer in Kincardineshire in 1851, thus we cannot ascertain where each was born. However, an Alexander Reat was baptized on 4 August 1825 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire to parents James Reat and Elizabeth Reid (son James Rait was baptized there on 7 February 1824 – and he might very well be the James Raitt aged 15 above living in Bervie.) James Raitt and Elizabeth Reid married on 31 May 1821 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen.

The other family in St Cyrus, living at Muirhead, is that of James Raitt, a farmer aged 60. In his household are his wife, Helen, aged 55 and four children: Ann, aged 20 (actually born 1815 in Benholm); James, aged 20 (born 1817 in Benholm); Margaret, aged 15 (born 1822 in Benholm – mother given as Agnes – presumably erroneously); and David aged 13 (precise date and place not found). The last three are all agricultural labourers – and the whole family were born in Kincardineshire. This family is also in the 1851 census at the same place, Muirhead – James Raitt is a widower aged 70, farming 65 acres and employing three labourers. He was born in St Cyrus. In the same household is his son William Raitt, unmarried aged 28, an agricultural labourer, born in Benholm; and daughter Margaret Raitt, unmarried, the house servant aged 26 and also born in Benholm. We can assume that William is the same William Rait, age 21, living at Hallgreen Bothie in Bervie in 1841. In fact these three individuals (plus one newcomer – William Rait) are the only Raitts in Kincardineshire in 1851 (though it is possible that Ann was living as a married woman there. James had presumably moved elsewhere, as had David (unless they had died) and there is no mention in 1841 or 1851 of another son Charles born in Behholm in 1823 to James and Helen.

In 1851 there was, however, a William Rait living at Craigie Buckler in Banchory Devenick and employed as a farm servant. He was 17 years old and born in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire. The only William born there around 1834 is William Rette, son of James Rette and Christian Crighton, and born on 30 Nov 1833 (baptized 16 December 1833). The spelling Rette is clearly one of the many Raitt variations, because James Rait and Christian Crichton married in New Machar, Aberdeenshire on 12 June 1832 and had other children born in Old Machar shortly thereafter. And they are in the 1841 census for How of Mundurno/Parkhill Est, Old Machar-Landward – named Rait - and William is also listed.  

We know that Raitt is a fairly unusual name and we believe that our ancestors were probably descended from the de Rathes of Rait Castle in Nairn who fled to the Mearns (Kincardineshire) and thereafter spread to Angus and Aberdeen. So I thought it might be instructive to go through the 1841 census for Forfarshire (now Angus), as well as Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire, to see just how many families named Raitt (and its variants) were living and working there at that time. In fact there are surprisingly few – just 203 people bearing the name (and several of those will be wives, i.e. called Raitt only through marriage.) There were a further 16 people with the surname Raith – usually I do not consider the name Raith too much even though it would seem an obvious choice given our progenitors were probably called de Rathe – but since it was subsequently discovered that at least 8 of the individuals below are recorded as Raith in Angus in the 1841 census then I had to go back and include them all.

In Forfarshire there were 65 individuals with the surname Rait, 63 with the surname Raitt, 3 with Reat (all the same family), 3 with Rate (all the same family) and 1 person named Raite. There are also 11 people with the surname Raith (8 of whom are definite Raitts). There were no families with the surname Rhett or Rhet. There is also another possible Rate family comprising four members.

In Kincardineshire, there are only 11 people with the surname Raitt and 1 called Rait. The other variations are not present.

In Aberdeenshire, there are 49 individuals with the surname Rait and 6 with Raitt, plus 1 with Rate. There are also 5 people called Raith. The other variations are not present.

I have tried to follow up on these families – for instance to find the parents of the heads of the household, dates of marriage and births and so on. I have also included the families or individuals where found from the 1851 census. When I have been successful in this, then the information is included below. Unless there is an immediately apparent connection, then I have not bothered to record other people also living in a household. Some of these families are included on the Raitt trees in Angus page (which may need to be updated as a result). I have also gathered the details of the incidence of their Christian names (which again confirms the usage of just a few names) as well as their occupations in the year 1841. Several of the families below are remembered on memorial inscriptions on gravestones, particularly in St Vigeans and Arbroath. There will be others, of course, and so I will plan to cover some of the other churchyards too.

It should be born in mind that the 1841 census offers only basic information, and ages were usually rounded for those over 15 or so. I have endeavoured to tie up some families and individuals with the 1851 census in order to get the place of birth as opposed to just the county, as well as to see the relationship between people in the same household. A future task will be to check where people were and new arrivals (births) and departures (deaths) also with later censuses. Also I will try and cover all other Raitts in Scotland in 1841 at least, since it is known that a few Raitt families were in Fife, Midlothian, Lanarkshire and elsewhere at the time.

Quite apart from throwing up family connections and locations, what this exercise confirms (although we knew it already) is that the same individual can  be variously called Reat, Rait and Raitt, and that the ages given in the census can be quite a few years out!