Early Raitt trees in Angus

Below are given the trees of a couple of older Raitt families in Angus: Thomas Raitt (abt 1699-) and Alexander Raitt (abt 1635-) with a few additional notes. I did also have the tree of David Raitt (1690-) here, but new information has resulted in his family being assigned a separate page - see the Raitts of Conon and Colliston and his tree also being placed on a separate page. I plan to add further information in due course including census detail where they are available and where I have looked them up. It should be noted that the children of the female Raitt marriages have been omitted (though I do have them in my master file). The 1841 census will include details of some of the later generations and as a result of further discoveries prompted by the census the trees below may need to be updated.

The ancestors of my own family tree start at the second generation (John Raitt and Jean Meikison) because as stated elsewhere I am not one hundred percent certain of the parentage.  

Descendants of Thomas Raitt (abt 1699-)

1. Thomas RAITT (b. abt 1699 - Arbroath, Angus)

    sp: Helen HUNTER (b. Feb 1700 - Forfar, Angus; m. 29 Dec 1724)

      2. Margaret RAITT (b. Oct 1725 - Arbroath, Angus)

      2. John RAITT (b. Jul 1727 - Arbroath, Angus; d. 1787 - Arbroath, Angus)

      2. Catherine RAITT (b. 9 Jun 1729 - Arbroath, Angus)

      2. Elizabeth RAITT (b. Mar 1731 - Arbroath, Angus)

      2. Jean RAITT (b. Apr 1733 - Arbroath, Angus; d. 14 Feb 1775 - Arbroath, Angus)

          sp: James CLARK (b. Oct 1748 - Bervie, Kincardine; m. 30 Mar 1774; d. 1 Sep 1810 - Arbroath)               

         3. Helen CLARK (b. Jan 1775 - Arbroath, Angus; d. abt 1775 - Arbroath, Angus)

Thomas Rait and Helen Hunter gave up their names to be proclaimed 5 December 1724 and were subsequently married in Arbroath on Tuesday 29 December 1724. But which Thomas Rait and Helen Hunter were they? Thomas was a sailor, according to the birth extracts of his children. Couples tended to marry fairly young - thus if Thomas married Helen in  1724, then we could perhaps assume he was born around 1700. Searches reveal a Thomas Raitt born on 23 Feb 1700 (christened on 26 Feb) at Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire with a father named David Raitt. This Thomas had several siblings, all born in Arbuthnott, and although his (or their) mother is not listed in the birth records, she is likely to be Margaret Burnet who married David Raitt on 26 Jan 1667 in Arbuthnott. Interestingly, the Arbuthnott location could connect him to the Raitts of Hallgreen (and/or Pitforthie and Anniston) and the sea was certainly in my ancestor’s blood. If this is the right Thomas, then he may moved from Arbuthnott to Arbroath where there was a decent port - a proper harbour being constructed there in 1725 to replace the old wooden pier.

There is also apparently a Thomas Rait born about 1699 in Arbroath - no parents given. The information is to be found in IGI and was supplied by an LDS member, but I have not been able to corroborate this elsewhere (e.g. on ScotlandsPeople). It could be the same Thomas born 1700 with Arbuthnott (Aberbothenoth) being mistaken for the more familiar Arbroath (Aberbrothock).

There is one other Thomas Raite who was christened on 2 April 1682 at Mains and Strathmartine, Angus with parents Thomas Raite and Barbara Oliver. This would make him aged 42 when he married Helen - perhaps too old, although there was a Helen Hunter supposedly born in 1689 in Arbroath. If this was the right Helen, then she would thus be nearing 37 when she had her first child - again almost certainly too old and thus discounted by me.

The most likely Helen Hunter then was christened on 5 Feb 1700 in Forfar, Angus to William Hunter of Rosemont. Witnesses were the Laird of Pitscandly, Charles Dickson, provost of Forfar, Gilbert Ramsay and James Dickson. It also transpires that a William Hunter married Kathren Vilant on 3 December 1693 in Forfar. A Catherin Vilant was baptized on 17 March 1670 in Lundie and Fowlis, Angus to John Vilant. This is presumably the same girl.


The children of Thomas Rait and Helen Hunter were:

Margaret Rait, baptized on 30 October 1725 in Arbroath. Witnesses: John Dorward and John Riele (probably Ritchie or Richie)

John Rait, baptized on 7 July 1727 in Arbroath. Witnesses: John Richy and John Esplen. Further speculation on John is to be found under John Raitt and a blog entry.

Cathrine Raitt, baptized on 11 June 1729 in Arbroath by John Gargall, minister of Rescobie. Witnesses: John Ritchie and David Leslie. This may be the David Leslie who married Elizabeth (Elspet) Rait (chr 21 Jul 1693 in Arbroath) on 5 Dec 1717 in Arbroath, daughter of Andrew Rait and Magdalene Fyfe (Fife).

Elizabeth Raite, baptized before the congregation on 31 March 1731 in Arbroath.

Jean Reat, baptized before the congregation on 11 April 1733 in Arbroath. She married James Clark in 1774 in Arbroath (record spells her name Reit) and died in February 1775 soon after giving birth to  her first child, Helen. She is mentioned on  her husband’s gravestone in Arbroath Abbey.



Descendants of Alexander Raitt (abt 1635-)

1. Alexander RAITT (b.Abt 1635)

   sp: UNKNOWN

    2. James RAITT (b.Jun 1657-Kinnell,Angus)

       sp: Janet ANDERSON (m.23 Nov 1680)

        3. Francis RAITT (b.Apr 1684-Kinnell,Angus)

           sp: Anna LOW (m.13 May 1711)

            4. Alexander RAIT (b.Abt 1711-Guthrie,Angus)

               sp: Margaret ARCHIBALD (m.6 Jul 1732)

                5. Margaret RAIT (b.May 1733-Inverarity and Methy,Angus)

                5. Elspeth RAIT (b.Apr 1735-Inverarity and Methy,Angus)

                5. John RAIT (b.Apr 1737-Carmyllie,Angus)

                   sp: Mary LESLIE

                    6. Andrew RAIT (b.12 Mar 1771-Carmyllie,Angus)

                        sp: Catharine DORMAND (b.14 May 1771-Inverkeilor,Angus;m.9 Sep 1797)

                        7. Andrew RAIT (b.Jun 1807-St Vigeans,Angus;d.1880-Montrose,Angus)

                        7. Janet RAIT (b.Jun 1811-St Vigeans,Angus)

                        7. Charles RAIT (b.May 1813-St Vigeans,Angus)

                            sp: Jane CANT (b.Abt 1815-St Vigeans,Angus;m.22 Mar 1834)

                            8. William RAIT (b.Jul 1834-St Vigeans,Angus)

                        7. David RAITT (b.Nov 1814-St Vigeans,Angus;d.Bef 1871)

                           sp: Mary STEEL (b.Feb 1808-Careston;m.Abt 1834;d.2 Jul 1871-St Vigeans)

                            8. James RAITT (b.14 Feb 1835-Kirkden,Angus;d.Jun 1892-Arbroath,Angus)

                                sp: Eleanor DEUCHARS (b.Abt 1837;m.15 Jan 1858;d.Apr 1928-Arbroath)

                                9. Jane Anne RAITT (b.3 Jan 1865-Arbroath,Angus)

                                   sp: John BEATTIE (m.1894)

                                9. Allan RAITT (b.24 May 1867-Arbroath,Angus;d.1940-Arbroath)

                                9. Charlotte Deuchars RAITT (b.27 Jul 1871-Arbroath;d.1944-Arbroath)

                                   sp: William Robert MELVIN (m.1900)

                                   sp: Charles Simpson HERRON (m.1907)

                                9. Jemima RAITT (b.23 Dec 1873-Arbroath,Angus;d.1925-Arbroath)

                                   sp: James Mathewson MCLAREN (m.1898)

                            8. David RAITT (b.Oct 1836-St Vigeans,Angus)

                               sp: Ann FRASER (b.26 Jan 1836-Kinnettles,Angus;m.25 Dec 1859)

                                9. William RAITT (b.19 Dec 1862-Arbroath,Angus;d.21 Feb 1940-Dundee)

                                    sp: Margaret Brown DUNCAN (b.23 Sep 1861-Perth;m.30 Dec 1887)

                                9. David RAITT (b.14 Apr 1866-Arbroath,Angus)

                                9. Frederick RAITT (b.8 Aug 1867-Arbroath,Angus;d.1867-Arbroath,Angus)

                                9. Ann RAITT (b.2 Oct 1869-Arbroath,Angus)

                            8. Helen RAITT (b.Aug 1838-St Vigeans,Angus;d.1915-Arbroath,Angus)

                                sp: Alexander DAVIDSON (m.1860)

                            8. Mary RAITT (b.Jan 1842-St Vigeans,Angus)

                            8. William RAITT (b.20 Jul 1846-Carmyllie,Angus)

                    6. Helen RAIT (b.Apr 1773-Carmyllie,Angus)

                    6. Jean RAIT (b.Apr 1773-Carmyllie,Angus)

            4. Elisabeth RAITT (b.Mar 1712-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. James RAITT (b.Apr 1714-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. William RAIT (b.Feb 1719-Guthrie,Angus)

            4. Francis RAIT (b.Feb 1721-Guthrie,Angus)

            4. John RAIT (b.Oct 1723-Guthrie,Angus)

        3. Jeanne RAITT (b.May 1686-Kinnell,Angus)

        3. James RAITT (b.Nov 1688-Kinnell,Angus;d.21 Feb 1755-Kinnell,Angus)

           sp: Elisabeth LOW (d.1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. Elisabeth RAITT (d.Bef 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. David RAITT (d.Bef 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. John RAITT (d.Aft 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. Jean RAITT (d.Aft 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. Katherine RAITT (d.Aft 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. James RAITT (d.Aft 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

            4. RAITT (d.Aft 1756-Kinnell,Angus)

Since many of Alexander’s descendants all seem to have been born in Kinnell, then perhaps he was too. However, the place is quite near Arbroath/St Vigeans and maybe he moved there for (farm) work. Whether the wives of Alexander’s two grandsons were sisters is not known. Details of the family of James Raitt and Elisabeth Low are given on a gravestone in Kinnell churchyard. However, there does not seem to be a similar grave for his brother Francis, their father or grandfather.

A Margaret Archbald was baptized on 9 January 1706 in Rescobie, Angus to John Archbald and thus she may be the woman above married to the Alexander Rait born about 1711 - though this would make her somewhat older than him. On the other hand, Alexander might be the one born in 1690 in Monifeith to Thomas Rait; or in 1702 in Dundee to William Rait and Barbra Thomson, or to David Raite and Margaret Andersone in Montrose; or even in 1704 to David Raitt in Arbuthnott, Kincardineshire.

Catherine Dormand is spelled variously as Dorment, Dormount, even Dorward. For full details of later generations of Catherine and her spouse Andrew Rait see the Low & Raitt family tree.

A William Raitt and his spouse, Margaret Greig, had several children in Kinnell, including Katharin (1720), Elspeth (1721), Alexander (1725), John (July 1727 at Muirside, Kinnell), Jean (1729), David (1731), William (1734), Margaret (1736). Quite who this William is I am not sure - perhaps he is another son of James Raitt and Janet Anderson.  A William Raitt was born in Bervie, Kincardineshire in 1698 to William Raitt and Janet Cook (married in 1693 in Bervie). Bervie is close by to Arbuthnott and so the intriguing possibility is that William might be a brother of Thomas Raitt!


I have also constructed a tree of the descendants of the Raits of Hallgreen, which includes the Angus families of the Raits of Anniston as well as the Raits of Cononsyth, Pitforthie and Inverkeilor. The lengthy tree of David Reat/Raitt born 1690 for the Raitts of Grange of Collison, Colliston and later, Dundee has also been prepared.